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    This is an e-mail I placed with the developer of PhoneTweak.

    PhoneTweak is a great application but when installed alongside BerryBuzz, it disables the ability to enable the "missed calling" LED.

    Dear Swoosh Software LLP,
    My name is Daniel Shaw W. I have been a Blackberry user for some time now. I have used a Blackberry Pearl for about 3 years, then switched to a Blackberry Tour recently. I found your application PhoneTweak for the Blackberry Tour and fell in love with it. After some time I got used to your hourly clock chime.
    My Problem is when I chose to enable my "missed call LED" notification in my equally loved application BerryBuzz. It looks to me like there is some "incompatibility issue" with your PhoneTweak, and another application called BerryBuzz, it does not disable any other notification other then the BerryBuzz "missed call LED" notification. The only way I can continue to use your program is if you fix this bug, or just add an option in your LED menu for "missed call" - THE TOUR HAS NONE BY DEFAULT!!!...


    Daniel Shaw W.
    09-14-09 01:39 AM