1. mstreger#CB's Avatar
    As a general FYI to anyone using the PhoneTag service, they appear to have discontinued the Simulsays program which was available for the Blackberry. I was a satisfied user for about 4 years, but I recently noticed that new voicemail messages were not being pushed out to the program. When I checked the website, the messages were there.

    A quick call to customer service revealed that they discontinued support of the Simulsays program, but apparently without telling anyone. I was, needless to say, rather upset, as they certainly had plenty of ways of telling me this was going to happen. When I noted my displeasure, they canceled my account, despite my instructions NOT to do so until I had secured a replacement service.

    I managed to get YouMail active in about 20 minutes, and for $3.00 less per month, for 10 more messages per month, and using the Blackberry app. Seems fine so far.

    So if you're using the Simulsays program on your device, I suggest you check your system, as I'll bet you're not getting your messages pushed out.

    05-13-10 04:05 PM