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    I have 2 pearls one of which updated with app loader with out issue. When I tried to update app loader says the other pearl is already updated to the latest software (its not) .. anyone have this issue or know what it might be?
    10-14-09 02:56 AM
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    desktop manager 4.7 instructions are as follows
    remember to do a back up before proceeding. ignore step 5 because thats not what were doing basically this is considerd a master reset via dm but when you do this it tricks the dm into installing the newest software on your device that it deems "already updated" i do this all the time as a work around but ull need to manually install the hh software from blackberry.com or your carriers software site. if its att it will be att.com/bbdownloads

    1. Access BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    2. Click Application Loader.
    3. In the "Add / Remove Applications" section, click Start.
    4. Application Loader will detect the RIM BlackBerry device application and system configuration.
      NOTE: If the device is not detected, perform a soft reset while still connected to the computer.
    5. Select the desired application(s) to install or remove by checking or unchecking the corresponding checkbox.
      NOTE: Examples of applications include Language and Input Support, Tasks and games etc.
    6. Click Options.
      NOTE: If using BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.7, click Settings.
    7. Select "Erase all currently installed applications" and then click OK. Delete all application data will automatically select.
      1. If not performing a master reset, select "Back up device data automatically during the installation process".
    8. Click Next.
    9. Confirmation screen will appear. Select Finish.
    10. A series of screens will appear (Backup in Progress, Loading System Software, Connecting to Device, Restore Progress, etc.).
      WARNING: Do not disconnect the RIM BlackBerry device from the computer until the process is complete.
    11. A confirmation message will appear once the update is complete.
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