1. armon_p's Avatar
    I'm running the Bold 9700 and looking for a free pdf viewer. I know there is Docs 2 Go but i don't feel like paying the for the premium version.

    Theres no reason a business phone shouldn't be able to view PDFs
    01-04-10 04:10 PM
  2. ZedRight's Avatar
    I use repligo, dont know of any free ones, but did a google search and found this link.
    NOT SURE if the link is safe, got a certificate warning........so at your own risk:
    Download Blackberry Reader

    Free PDF attachment viewer for Blackberry !!! - PinStack.com
    01-04-10 04:21 PM
  3. armon_p's Avatar
    yea the google results looked kinda suspicious thats why i came to here.
    01-04-10 04:34 PM
  4. cavingjan's Avatar
    Repligo is great. (It is actually the PDF viewer that is included in Docs2Go. There are no free PDF viewers for the BB. If you are only talking a doc or two, you can email them to yourself and open them as attachments from the email.
    01-04-10 05:58 PM
  5. armon_p's Avatar
    If I can just open them from email I'll go that route. Thanks for the help. I might have to invest in Docs 2 go one day

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    01-04-10 06:03 PM