1. hoodboogie's Avatar
    I have googled and search here on the forums and havn't found a similar problem yet.

    I downloaded PDANet from the junefabrics site for the bbery and tried to install it. I am currently tethering through the modem driver and desktop software now but I have heard that PDANet will give me faster speeds. I am full bars of 3G and get 30k download which is horrible. I was getting over 1mb when I had my iPhone.

    The error states
    "Blackberry Desktop Driver is required before you can install PDANet"

    I obviously have it installed as it is need to tether now. I have turned it off and even uninstalled and installed the version the the PDANet website. Neither worked and gave the same error. I downloaded just the modem drivers as well and still nothing.

    I have also rebooted several times.
    Can anyone help?
    05-16-10 08:58 PM