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    I cannot for the life of me get bluetooth tethering working with PdaNet. I have Windows XP on a netbook with a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle and a purchased copy of BlueSoleil. I have a BlackBerry Bold 9000.

    It works fine with a USB cable, though through bluetooth it doesn't even connect. I managed somehow to get it working once, though the connection stopped working after loading 2 web pages. The instructions at: http : // www .junefabrics. com /bt/ are awful and not specific. It even contradicts itself once where it tells you to enter 123 as the modem number, though near the end it tells you to enter #777. The instructions say Blackberry, though the screenshots are for a Treo.

    I redid everything and documented it in detail, just in case I missed something...

    Turned off the Blackberry's included dial-up networking service.
    Went to the blackberry's bluetooth options, then hit listen.
    In Bluesoleil, I pressed pair. It prompted for a password, I typed 12345, I then typed 12345 on the phone and pressed enter.
    On the phone, it said "Pairing complete. Connect to scout (My laptop)?" I pressed Yes.
    On the computer, it said that a bluetooth device, my phone, is trying to access something related to audio. I let it time out since I didn't need it.
    Started PDANet on the phone and pressed "Enable Bluetooth".
    On the laptop I right clicked the phone and pressed "Search Services".
    Pressed connect bluetooth dialup networking.
    On the phone I accepted the connection request.
    On the laptop, It gave me a country, carrier and connection type. I answered Canada, Rogers Wireless and Other (The other option was GPRS).
    I left the username and password blank and put 123 in the phone number and pressed finish. Briefly, a window popped up saying "Prepare to dialup" and then it went away. It didn't connect.
    06-08-10 11:42 PM