1. zipped's Avatar
    Did a search and didn't turn this up. I am using the paid version of Pattern Lock. One of the options is to check the boxes for applications running so Auto Lock doesn't kick in.

    This is fine and good, but for example, Phone is always running, so if you click this, even if it is not on the homescreen, Pattern Lock locks the phone.

    I have poured over the options but perhaps I am missing something or not using it correctly. If I am actively using Google Maps or Telenav and it is the app on the homescreen, then and only then I do not want Pattern Lock to kick in. If Google Maps is running in the background and not on the homescreen, then Pattern Lock can work. Addonis Auto Lock worked this way when selecting applications to not "lock" on. Can this be done with Pattern Lock?
    02-22-12 07:24 PM