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    I was trying to use Pandora for the first time last week, and the Pandora site told me I cannot use Pandora on my phone since I am located in Norway and they don't have a license for Norway. As I was sitting in a car driving through Kentucky at the time, that made no sense to me.

    I am also running the most current version of Weatherberry on my phone and it too thinks I am in a totally different time zone. So my icons are always messed up: I get the moon when it's the middle of the day here, or the sun icon when it's the middle of the night. It seems like WB thinks I am in Norway, too.

    My husband's 9000 (he is with AT&T while I am on T-mo) also has the most current version of Weatherberry, and it too thinks he is somewhere in Europe.

    Can anyone explain what the heck is going on?

    ETA: Ok, so I poked around and the Pandora issue has to do with Opera Mini. But what about Weatherberry? It's not Opera, since my husband doesn't have Opera on his 9000 and he's got the same issue.
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    I guess you have to contact customer service on what's going on with your phone, maybe they can give light to it.
    06-29-10 04:21 AM