1. MarcPandora's Avatar
    The latest release of Pandora on the BlackBerry is now available. The main thing in this version is support for upcoming BlackBerry models: the Bold 9650 and the Pearl 3G 9100/9105. There are also a few minor bug fixes rolled in.

    As usual, you can download and install it directly from your BlackBerry by pointing your BlackBerry Browser at http://www.pandora.com. It has been submitted to App World and should show up there in the next few days.

    General comments are welcome - if you're having problems please feel free to email pandora-support@pandora.com for the quickest response. You can PM me but I make no guarantees on how quickly I get back to you!
    05-14-10 02:38 AM
  2. impalass96's Avatar
    Thanks for the updated info!
    05-14-10 06:35 PM