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    The tour is my first blakberry so im still trying to adapt.

    I am trying to get the application Pandora to work on. It downloaded successfully but when i submitted my account the app freezes in a "creating account" screen. Is anyone else getting this? So I deleted the program and weirdly enough, everytime i press the blackberry button on any application or screen, pandora is listed at the very top and when i click it, i am sent back to the "creating account" processing screen. This seems very odd to me since I thought i deleted the app in general to reinstall. I think it could be frozen. Sorry for the long post about a small issue, but any help would be greatly appreciated

    07-23-09 09:58 AM
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    Have you tried "Shut Down Pandora" under the blackberry button, while you are on that frozen screen? Then restarting the application and attempting again.

    Also, if you have just installed the App, maybe a quick reset (or battery pull) might help.

    Edit: sorry I just noticed you deleted the App, when an App is removed the phone must be restarted for it to bercome fully removed.
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    07-23-09 10:01 AM