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    I have had and use Pandora almost daily when I'm driving for music. However, it seems whenever I use it, not just driving it drops my memory considerably. It only seems to happen if I let it run for about 30+mins. That is when I start to notice. Like today from lunch to back home I had it playing for 15mins. and I turned it off and my memory dropped .7mb since when I started it before driving home. But after that 30min. mark it drops about 10-15mb. When it drops that low I have about ~95mb left. I'm normally at like 107mb.

    When it drops the 10-15mb it starts to cause problems with my Storm 2. When I go to shutdown pandora the screen still is like overlaying until I press a certain area and then that area will show and I have to click all around to see where I'm at. Then if I click to go to SMS or move the screen up or down I have to do the same thing, click around because its like it doesn't recognize that I changed the page until I start pressing around. I haven't taken any pictures of this yet but I will if it happens again.

    Does anybody else experience this problem? It forces me to do a battery pull or reset using MeterBerry and then it will load back up and I will be back to having around 107mb and everything running smooth again.

    04-26-10 07:31 PM