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    So I was recently a winner of the PaderSyncFM giveaway contest held on crackberry. While I am excited that I won, I realized upon further research that PaderSyncFM is not exactly something I would be using a lot and therefore don't really have much use for it. So rather than just waste a free App, I thought I could work out a deal with someone. See I really want BerryBuzz 2.0. Now, idk how this would work, but if someone wanted to somehow trade a code for berrybuzz 2.0 somehow, I would give you the code and information for PaderSyncFM. I think this sounds fair considering PaderSyncFM is usually a $30 app and I think BerryBuzz 2.0 is $6. If anyone knows how to work this out or if their interested in doing so post here.
    07-15-09 07:09 PM