1. majikhat's Avatar
    I am at my wit's end! After many hours of scouring the internet I have decided I'm an *****. Please know I have spent a few hours now searching this forum for related posts and have found very few, and none that have helped me resolve my problem.

    My problem: I try to access certain non-mobile websites with my BB and instead of being served the site I requested, I get redirected to a crippled mobile version without the full functionality of the non-mobile original.

    What works (sort of): Using a proxy server. However, I'm not aware of a free proxy server with SSL support which is required to log into these websites, basically making it not only painfully slow, but unable to get past the login screen.

    What has worked for other people: Using Opera Mini Advanced web browser and changing the User Agent to "firefox" or some other User Agent by typing opera:config in the URL and scrolling down and changing it. This doesn't work for me as there simply is no option in my config screen. My config screen starts with "Large Placeholders for Images", btw.

    Does anyone know how to broadcast a different User Agent with my phone, and better yet (since I LOVE OperaMini's look and feel) do this with OperaMini?

    Changing "Emulation Mode" in my browser configuration does NOT work, nor does the ever-popular suggestion of unchecking "Mobile View" in Opera.

    My Setup:
    Blackberry 8320 v. (2.0Gb mem)
    Opera Mini en-us v.4.2.13918 20090303

    Thanks in advance!
    03-19-09 06:38 PM
  2. cslave's Avatar
    This is one of the pitfalls of Opera mini, you cant change the user agent.

    However, go into options, and see if Mobile View is checked, if it is, uncheck it and try again, see if that does anything for ya.
    03-20-09 07:03 AM
  3. MarkusALC's Avatar
    I think cslave is right, you cannot change the user agent.

    If you really want to see website as designed for e.g. the FireFox, I strongly recommend using the Bolt browser, available in public beta. I know it's yet another browser, and you will still want to keep Opera Mini, but for regular websites there's no other serious way.
    03-20-09 07:08 AM