1. inspector_yoo's Avatar
    So with the .151 OS (Not a fan of the leaked buggy 5.0 os) and BBM 5.0 (works great for me! except the biggest bug is manually having to open chats most of the time....grr), the next logical step for improvement is the browser. I am quite a big fan of the default browser and can't wait for the tabbed browsing but it could be faster. And by faster, I mean a lot faster.

    The two options I have are:

    Opera mini, and bolt

    I don't mind OM, and would use Bolt if they updated again and fixed most of their issues. My biggest issue with OM is that the keyboard doesn't show up when typing but I heard this could be fixed by going into the settings and deselecting the auto-input option. HOWEVER, it is impossible for me to declick it. I have tried for over half an hour and still can't. I feel like an *****. How did you guys manage? I was able to highlight it a few times but couldn't deselect. Please help, so I can see if OM is any better then the default browser. Who knows, I might not even keep it. Lol. And Bolt....is bolt. Potentially just as good as Skyfire....just not there yet..
    07-23-09 04:22 AM
  2. aval89's Avatar
    Haha its possible to deselect it
    Took me about 5 minutes when I set mine up
    Also be sure to download a signed version of opera mini

    But overall opera mini works wonderful for me
    07-23-09 04:37 AM