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    Hello, Just recently here, but BB for a long time. Have a very in depth question.
    OK, so until recently, I had the same 8100 Att for about three years. with Opera 4.1 for about two. Downloading mp3's and 3gp's through Opera mini, I'd get two button options in the browser pop-up page that showed the file and type that I was downloading, one for Open and one for Download. I would then use Opera Mini to download the media file. The USB port gave out on the phone (fell out) so I opted for another 8100. Reloaded everything (Opera min 4.2 now). Downloading media now resulted in only ONE button in Opera Mini, the Open button, but when clicking this, the BB browser would open up and the BB browser would give me option to Open or the Download the media file. Since then, I have upgraded to an 8110, because I am sick and tired of waiting for the 9100. now, I get a Request entity to Large error in the native browser. Am I missing a setting somewhere to enable the downloading of MP3's and other media? I would love to download OTA and listen to my favorite DJ, who's shows last well over two+ hours, around 110 MB each, without having to plug the thing into a computer, which I don't have.

    BB 8110, AT&T
    Opera Mini 4.2
    Patriot 8g SDmicro card
    OS 4.5.110 (90)
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    Anyone? Anybody have anything to help me out w this issue?

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    From Opera Mini Forums:

    Please see the page ::: //my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=534731 Opera Mini 4.2 for Blackberry won't download files. - Opera Mini - Opera Community

    Just type "Http:" in front of the string ahead to go to link.

    Thanks to no-one replying to my thread. Please Close since the problem has been fixed. Thanks
    07-16-10 12:39 PM