08-05-09 12:44 PM
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    You can't change the default browser. I would have killed for this option when I had an 8320. I also don't think you could import bookmarks for Opera unless you manually typed the websites that you had as bookmarks in the BBbrowser and bookmarked them in Opera.
    Go to my.opera.com and create an ID. Then log in with that ID from Opera Mini on the bottom of the start page. From then on all your bookmarks will sync with Opera servers. Anytime you switch devices or upgrade the browser client, you'll get your bookmarks back. If you install the Opera Desktop browser, it will sync its bookmarks too. You'll have access to all your desktop and Opera Mini bookmarks from the Opera Desktop browser, Opera Mini, and my.opera.com from any browser. Pretty nice service IMHO.
    08-05-09 12:32 PM
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    On the default browser issue; have you guys tried uninstalling the BB browser to see if that would work? Worth a shot since you like those other browsers so much.

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    Can't uninstall the browser
    08-05-09 12:44 PM
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