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    So I updated Opera Mini with the latest version a couple of days ago. It runs like crap and can't get back to the old version. I decided to remove Opera Mini from my phone and here is the result.

    I went to Options/Advanced Options/Applications and lelected to remove Opera Mini. The phone asked if I wanted to remove the application and I said yes. So when that completed Opera Mini Icon was still on phone, I clicked on it and Opera Mini opened. I closed it and shut the phone off then turned it back on. OM still there. I went again to Options/Advanced Options/Applications to remove it again and it is no longer in the list.

    Had to actually pull the battery out to get OM off my phone.
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    06-09-10 12:21 PM
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    Yeah, Opera sucks on my 8330m.

    You have to do a full reboot to remove some applications, which is what you had to do... usually it will tell you and ask you if you want to reboot now.

    Rebooting and turning the phone off are two totally separate things.
    06-09-10 03:41 PM
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    Opera mini sucks get bolt browser instead. Its got tabbed browsing and actually works well on an 8300. Keep in mind it has a few glitches and if a page doesn't display right just refresh it.

    But like I said it actually works very very well.

    Also doing a battery pull at a bare minimum of once a week is really helpful for your blackberry. Holding the power button just puts your phone in a sort of sleep mode but actually doing a battery pull allows for a full reset.

    Edit: bolt browser ota link - http://boltbrowser.com/public/boltbb.jad

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    I love Opera Mini 4.2, but I made the mistake today of upgrading to 5.0. I hate it. There's vague icons instead of lists for bookmarks/speed dials, the menu button doesn't do crap now, it's not intuitive at all. It's basically a giant step backwards.

    It also wiped out all of my 4.2 bookmarks when it installed over it. Aargh!!!

    I was able to reinstall 4.2, and it installed it as a separate application so I have both versions on the phone now. I'm just trying to remember everything I had bookmarked so I can recreate them.
    06-09-10 11:04 PM
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    I upgraded as well to opera 5. Big mistake. Not an improvement at all. Reinstalled Opera 4.2 and deleted Opera 5 from application list then rebooted and everything worked out fine. Can't believe that the upgraded version is so bad.
    06-10-10 08:20 AM
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    Opera mini 5 is meant to look like opera mini for the iphone. It also requires a lot more power then our phones can provide. It works better for 9xxx series devices.

    But like I said give bolt browser a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    06-10-10 12:27 PM
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    Bolt is such a step up from Opera. Love it. Thanks for the heads up.
    06-10-10 12:33 PM
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    I am in 100% agreeance! THIS THING BLOWS!! For all of you that say you reinstalled 4.2, please include a link! I had to write down the address to the bolt browser download cause you can't copy & paste with this app!! Glad my bookmarks are few...
    06-10-10 10:16 PM
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    I guess there's no link to download 4.2 again
    06-19-10 12:55 PM