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    I have successfully installed Opera Mini v8.0.35659 OTA using BB Browser on my BB9320 connected via BIS. But I would also like to save the installation files (COD and JAD) on SD card or computer hard disk to allow future installation on other devices in case OTA links stop working.

    OTA download link (copied from BB Browser) is:


    Running that link in OTA Downloader (in Windows XP) returns the following error message:

    "This is not a valid OTA file"


    I have also tried JADTool in Linux but with no luck either:




    Is there any other way to extract the installation files during OTA download? I have found a zip file at the web site shown below but would prefer to get the files directly from the source:

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    The method I use to backup apps is described here: http://darkstar.x10host.com/nibble/backup.html

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