1. GotThaTech3188's Avatar
    Opera Mini 4 beta 2 released

    I've tried it out and it takes alot of getting used to but it looks great! I'd say it is a step in the right direction. Not the full version yet but you get most of the features.
    08-30-07 12:36 PM
  2. rrrebo's Avatar
    Dammit, man! You beat me by 27 minutes! I posted this in the BlackBerry News forum.
    08-30-07 01:24 PM
  3. tomdick's Avatar
    Seems real good I might miss te clock at the bottem but a few less clicks to do everything will be nice
    08-30-07 01:49 PM
  4. GotThaTech3188's Avatar
    haha rrrebo I was just double checking to make sure that I hadn't copied your post! Sorry! But I'm loving the new Version!
    08-30-07 02:49 PM
  5. Businessceo1's Avatar
    Everytime I get ready to download it. It says I already have, and do I want to overwrite my existing one.
    So is a different one?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-01-07 03:33 PM
  6. John Clark's Avatar
    This is the second of a version 4 beta. Go ahead and let it overwrite. That's what I did and it worked out just fine.
    09-01-07 04:16 PM
  7. Businessceo1's Avatar
    I will, but will I lose everything (Bookmarks, etc)

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    09-01-07 04:19 PM
  8. John Clark's Avatar
    Not sure on the overwrite. I didn't have any so can't really answer for sure. I wouldn't let this be a concern on whether to update or not, though. The fixes are worth it.
    09-01-07 04:30 PM
  9. Businessceo1's Avatar
    Im sure they are.
    Ok, thanks

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    09-01-07 04:32 PM
  10. buzz1317's Avatar
    I show that I have it loaded on my 8100 but see no icon for the program?
    Is there something special that I have to do? I have done show all icons and it is not there either.
    Thanks in advance for the help!
    09-02-07 01:27 PM
  11. GotThaTech3188's Avatar
    Check under applications, uninstall and re-install? Far as bookmarks, mine stayed once I downloaded the new version.
    09-02-07 10:51 PM
  12. renegade37918's Avatar
    i like it
    09-02-07 11:22 PM
  13. buzz1317's Avatar
    Got it working!

    I like it! Could be a bit quicker but that might be the connection.
    09-03-07 03:18 PM
  14. Jo5329's Avatar
    Wish it would keep me signed into my Google account though. I have to sign in every 5 minutes when reading through my RSS feeders
    09-07-07 04:04 PM
  15. ThatsAngel's Avatar
    It was so difficult to get Opera working the first time around that I'm actually scared to download something that's just the Beta now.
    09-08-07 12:41 PM
  16. rrrebo's Avatar
    This beta is quite stable, as was the previous 4.0.1 version. Good features, it's worked pretty well so far.
    09-08-07 01:08 PM