1. foxxtrotalpha's Avatar
    hey all. I see other people, as well as myself, have been looking for a fix on the no menu show problem for 3rd party. I actually got the menu to show regularly on my opera mini, and all the other 3rd party apps I put on my 8350i. What I did was have opera mini and other 3rd party apps loaded on my device. I uninstalled the BB device manager, then went back to the BB website and downloaded the BB manager WITHOUT the media manager, file: 460_b027_english_nomediamanager

    I installed it, and when I connected my bb to the laptop and ran the manager, it acted like first run again, and said there was updates for my bb, it backed up and restored everything on my bb, and when I ran opera mini, I pressed the BB key and all the menus came up, and not the glitchy way before. hope this works for someone else
    07-14-09 06:01 PM