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    (Looking at the title, it's quite obvious how much GM likes to combine two words into one)

    Well, got a '12 GMC Acadia today, and so far it's a nice vehicle, but that's besides the point.
    I have seen commercials of the RemoteLink app, so of course with my new car equipped with OnStar, naturally I would want to try this.
    So I go the OnStar site, and find the link to the BB app. Okay. US-only. Oops, I was on the US site!
    So then I proceed to the CA site, and it redirects me to the same link!?!

    A quick Google suggests that this should be available in Canada. A check on my Galaxy Tab doesn't seem to support that though.
    So I have the website, and a few results on Google, saying that yes it is available in Canada, yet the apps refuse to be installed in Canada.

    So my questions are:
    a) Is OnStar RemoteLink in fact working in Canada?
    b) If so, how did you download the app?
    c) If it isn't available in Canada, would it work anyways if I managed to get a hold of the app via OTA download?

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    EDIT: Alright, so the Galaxy Tab wouldn't install the app because it has to be a set resolution. The BB app apparently is not available in Canada, but I am wondering, would it still work? So I suppose b), but more importantly, c), are the questions i need answered. Substitute "in Canada" for "on BlackBerry" for c)
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    I'm confused. You posted this in BlackBerry apps. Is it for your 9810, or Galaxy Tab?
    08-21-12 11:50 PM
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    It's for either, but I would mostly be using it on BB so yes, it is for BlackBerry.
    08-22-12 02:51 PM