1. schrochem#CB's Avatar
    I've seen similar threads and have searched and checked a number of things. For 15 years I have used MS Money and meticulously entered every receipt manually into the program and then reconciled it against a monthly statement.

    I realized 99.999% of the time the statement has been correct.....

    What I'd like to do now......
    I'd like to have an app that shows me my transactions by pulling them online.
    Ahhh, yes I can do that! Several apps in fact

    BUT, they don't have a way to 'check off' or 'clear' or 'reconcile' each one of those. Ideally I'd open an app, it would update from online, I'd review the transactions and 'check off' the ones I know I made. This way, I reconcile all the time and the balances I know are valid. I'm done with hand entering data that is already there.......
    Heck, I'd even be up for it deleting the transaction from the phone once it's 'cleared' to save memory space.
    I can analyze spending by category or budgeting through mint or my bank.

    I have found that SplashMoney and Ascendo will do this BUT you have to have direct connect/OFX with each of your credit card/banking institutions. That's a monthly fee for me......Otherwise this post wouldn't exist.

    Mint.com would be close but they don't have a BB app.
    PageOnce and MobileBanking get the transactions from online but don't have a 'check off' that I explained.
    My Checkbook, MobiAccounts, Mobile Checkbook and ECheckRegister are ones that may or may not have the 'check off' column BUT are for manual entry only, not online.

    Unfortunately, my banking institutions don't have solutions either.....

    So....am I crazy or do others wish for this capability?
    05-11-10 12:26 PM
  2. BeccaLynn's Avatar
    I agree with you 100%. I would love to see this app....any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
    05-11-10 09:24 PM