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    Ok, I have had a problem with my app world for quite some time now (2 or 3 weeks) every single app I try to either download or upgrade it tells me "this application not available for download on bberry app world" no matter of I already own the app or I'm trying to download it new. I have researched topic discussions and have tried everything that was recommended to me and everything I could think of. I have rebooted device, deleted and re installed app world, double checked permissions of app world to make sure it was connecting ok, and even deleted some apps and tried to download them again. No luck with any of these. this I'd driving me crazy and is aggravating me to no end. I am using a verizon blackberry tour (9630). And any suggestions would be helpful at this point, thanks in advance.

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    03-16-11 07:58 AM
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    Taking a guess, shot in the dark, I'd say something is corrupted in your OS install, and wiping the device and reloading your OS would fix it. It's a pain. You won't lose your App World Apps because they are keep track of via your BlackBerry ID. Also you can and should make a complete backup.

    Another option would be to try using the CB App Store to get apps, it's another great way to purchase (and to get free) apps. You can find info about the SuperStore (the BB App) here.....

    03-16-11 11:57 AM