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    Hey all,
    I am going to update my Pearl to the latest Alltel Rev to try and fix a couple small issues. I also want to change my apps up a little bit. I am looking for suggestions. I am having a lot of memory issues and I drop below 12 every day. Sometimes Ive seen 5 ! I try to delete unnecessary emails with attachments to save space. I like to keep a few MMS messages though and those kill me. I try to save them to my card, but then it make the MMS hard to send out again as the audios aren't linked. Is there a solution for this? Here is my current list of apps and what I would like to change/add for now. Any more suggestions? I still have some research to do when I get home just haven't had the time, just looking for a few more opinions.

    Soft Reset
    Opera Mini
    BB File Scout
    I Heart Radio
    BB Unit Converter
    My Verizon

    Want: ( I think there is too many )
    Quick Pull lite (To save space? IDK if that is true though)
    GMaps (I believe this works with that mod that is available? Have to read some more)
    I Heart Radio
    Bolt (People seem to like it better. I dont care too much for Opera Mini and just havent deleted it yet.)
    BB File Scout (I am addicted to managing files. I suppose I could dump this one for managing it on my computer at home though)
    BB Unit Converter (Don't use much, just enough to need it. Its handy!)
    One Hockey Theme
    My Verizon
    GolfGPS (If it works. Just saw it in a Magazine and need to research)

    Items I use but could use alternates for:
    Chronograph (Need a timer for work)
    Memo Pad (To make notes, but if there is something lighter available)
    Voice Dial (I use it on my headset)
    BB Maps (GMaps if I get it to work)


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    Make sure when doing update if you are not all Tel to delete the vendor file.. Check how to for more also check how to for how to increase file free .. What size is your memory card ? Once you do the how to increase file free steps and upgrade you should notice a big difference

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    09-02-09 01:49 PM
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    I like quickpull lite, it works like they say it does.

    I really don't use any other apps so I can't help you with the others but good luck.
    09-02-09 02:08 PM
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    I also prefer quickpull
    09-02-09 02:26 PM
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    Thanks all so far. I am in the process of downloading the apps right now. I have already done the memory cleaning process, but man it seems to suck down fast. Even more so after my last update, so Im hoping this one will help a bit.
    09-02-09 05:36 PM