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    Well after failing to post on the google forums I need to - well - vent my anger here. I made the mistake and created 50 appointments on my BlackBerry today and expected them to sync in googles online calendar. Unfortunately that didn't happen and even an installation of the sync app didn't help.

    It seems that it doesn't pick up changes from the device and only syncs the other way road which seems to be discussed all over the place. Now my question as I stated the obvious. Is there a program out there that forces gmail to accept the changes made on my BlackBerry so that the Kline calendar has the updated erosion as well? That wold help me quite severely as well in viewing my appointments on my laptop?

    Any help wold be hugely appreciated.
    08-05-12 05:46 PM
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    I haven't explored calendar sync with Google on my Bold extensively, because it works well for me. My question is: Under email account setup, is your Google calendar set up to sync through bis? Also, are there any settings at all that you missed on the Google calendar website that suggest anything?
    08-05-12 06:02 PM
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    Yes it's activated and google sync is only pulling information from the internet NOT from the BB to GMAIL.

    Has anyone got the same issue?
    08-06-12 06:07 AM
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    Ok now that you put it that way, I've had this problem before. Google Sync app has a bug that way, which is why I use bis calendar sync, which you set up through the email setup app within the setup app on your bb.

    But, if you want to keep using Google Sync you can, but thos is where it sucks:

    -It will always sync from g calendar to your bb, no problem

    -The problem is it will only sync new events from bb to g calendar if the event was added AFTER Google Sync was installed. This means that if you installed G Sync after these events were on your calendar, those events will not sync. I've read about this on the G Sync support forums when I had this problem, and multiple users were experiencing the same problems across multiple mobile operating systems from Android to ios.

    If this is the case, you are kind of stuck. BIS sync syncs both ways no problem no matter what automatically.

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    08-06-12 12:33 PM
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    Great thanks done a bit of reading as well and can conclude that

    GSync for BlackBerry is about to be discontinued.
    My 50 appointments, tasks etc. won't be synced and BIS sync doesn't help me as it doesn't work

    As I need Office 2011 for Mac I hope that at some point I'll be able to sync with that.

    Or at least that the calendar will sync with the playbook ok. I need a bigger screen to view them all.
    08-07-12 05:07 AM
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    Yeah it is discontinued, or will be soon enough. I suggest you keep a copy of one because then you will never find it again for download!

    Also, why doesn't your bis sync work? If you have bis it should work! Post here or make a thread on it, I am sure this forum community will help you solve this problem quickly.

    You may want to check out these rim articles for quick reference:


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    08-07-12 11:28 AM
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    Yeah but how? BIS only holds my GMAIL and MobileMe account. There is no option that says sync my calendar with the Vodafone BIS website.

    Sorry but what do you mean with sync with BIS? mobileemail.vodafone.net only allows me to set up email addresses and to sync contacts and calendars with the email providers such as hotmail, GMAIL or MobileMe, Yahoo etc.

    Have I missed something here?
    08-07-12 12:15 PM
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    I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to sync your gmail calendar hence google sync. Am I missing something?

    The two links I posted tell you how to do just that, through your phone. You don't need to go through the vodaphone bis website anymore I don't think.

    On your phone, you visit the setup application. From there, you go to email accounts, internet email accounts, and just follow the instructions. It gives you options to sync contacts and calendars with any email accounts associated with your phone, and it works quite well!

    A faster way to get to this page would be to simple go to your messages application, then options, then email preferences. Brings you to the same page.

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    08-07-12 12:41 PM
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    I have my gmail account setup in outlook and on my bold and if I update my calender on my bold it gets updated on my outlook as well (Viceversa). Give that try
    08-07-12 01:20 PM
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    I'm using a Mac with Office 2011 for Mac. Yes I want to sync my gmail calendar with my BlackBerry so I can see that on the web and Outlook. But it still doesn't work with the old entries. It's becoming annoying.

    Btw yes calendar sync has always been enabled. Still failing.
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    08-07-12 04:11 PM
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    I'm using a Mac with Office 2011 for Mac. Yes I want to sync my gmail calendar with my BlackBerry so I can see that on the web and Outlook. But it still doesn't work with the old entries. It's becoming annoying.

    Btw yes calendar sync has always been enabled. Still failing.
    calendar sync has been enabled where? With bis? Please be more clear as thousands and millions of people sync their Gmail calendar successfully. Did you read the links I posted even? Have you figured out how to set up bis sync right on your device? It's not rocket science!

    If the answer is YES. Then remove the email from your phone, THROUGH your phone. Then re add it and choose calendar sync as an option. Better yet, try to disable calendar sync, then enable it again. It should prompt to sync and click yes.

    Can I have any sort of confirmation as to whether or not you found the email setup function on your device?
    08-07-12 04:55 PM
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    Yes and yes. Calendar sync was switched on using the BIS website and the device. And yes the accounts were removed from the device and website and readded using the same system.

    And according to the BlackBerry forums I'm not alone.

    Edit: Muhahaha I'm such a massive lol. I just decided to delete the service books for my Gmail account and et voila it works...... Those were kept. Simply wtf gus!
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    08-07-12 05:41 PM
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    Lol. Well, that settles that!
    08-07-12 10:05 PM
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    Lol. Well, that settles that!
    Yes. I thought they'd be deleted as well. Seriously had a fit of laughter yesterday evening
    08-08-12 06:28 AM
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    Yeah service books can be easily overlooked sometimes. It's something I wouldn't have noticed right away as well. But we had the right idea!
    08-08-12 07:08 AM