09-04-14 10:26 AM
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  1. pks's Avatar
    2.5.9943 available from WhatsApp for Blackberry appears to have fixed the scrolling problem. Happy times!

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    12-22-10 07:00 PM
  2. gregski's Avatar
    I have been using WhatsApp the past week. I noticed in my "About" screen that it is going to expire and I will need to pay for it. I cannot find anything on their website regarding the cost. It is probably right in front of my face, but I'm not seeing it. Can somebody point me in the right direction?
    12-22-10 07:25 PM
  3. SalmonFrisby's Avatar
    Most BB's need to be reset every couple of days at the outside. WhatsApp is the only app I have that, after every reset, hogs phone resources for a number of minutes to begin working. Can anything be done to fix that?

    WhatsApp is great, but this is a real irritation.

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    12-23-10 03:20 AM
  4. cabletow's Avatar
    the new version does not work for me - I get the RIM server overflow error when trying to access messages from my message box and scrolling in chat is stuck
    Rolling back to the 2.4 version which worked well for me
    12-23-10 04:43 AM
  5. mikimarchio89's Avatar
    This could be sort-of solution. When you open the chat and can't see the last message, click on the "sym" button on your keyboard and then "back" and the screen should change and show you also the last not-shown message. Let me know!
    01-19-11 04:15 AM
  6. mainman1303's Avatar
    Guys i was having scrolling probs too on OS6 .424 on my 9700

    Whatsapp have a beta out which is 2.5.10581 for OS6 which fixes the scolling problem on my 9700

    go to beta.whatsapp.com/ota via your phones browser and you should be able to download it...

    hope that helps a few of you...
    01-19-11 10:01 AM
  7. syedtariqibrahim's Avatar
    i have BB 9630 tour with OS 5, earlier my firmware version was and whats app version was 2.5.9675 but yesterday i upgraded my firmware to and my whats app stopped working..now when i point my browser to whatsapp.com/download it shows version available for me is 2.5.10581 and ask me to download and install it...now but when i click on download it gives me version 2.5.9675 which is already in phone and not working. i think whatsapp people needs to fix the error as its detecting proper device and suggesting updated version for download but download link is still pointed on older version...or whatever..but m not able to update my current version.. and i would also like to point that link given on aapworld is also not working on my BB native browser..i.e. whatsapp.com/ota

    any help or suggestions that how can i download the latest version of this app???
    01-21-11 04:32 PM
  8. zotoro's Avatar
    I have been using WhatsApp the past week. I noticed in my "About" screen that it is going to expire and I will need to pay for it. I cannot find anything on their website regarding the cost. It is probably right in front of my face, but I'm not seeing it. Can somebody point me in the right direction?
    If you try to pay you'll see the price. 1.99$ a year.
    01-21-11 05:31 PM
  9. LeanNSupreme's Avatar
    Does WhatsApp come with group chat like BBM?
    02-04-11 10:46 PM
  10. roninksb's Avatar
    Group chat is now available for Whatsapp on the Blackberry and iPhone. It does not look like it is up on App World yet but it can be downloaded from WhatsApp for BlackBerry
    02-10-11 01:33 PM
  11. jnye's Avatar
    I've got the latest whatsapp for bb (v2.6.1524) but can't for the life of me figure out where the groupchat option is.

    I'm on a 9780 bold witth OS6. Any ideas?

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    02-15-11 07:09 AM
  12. evil.bunny's Avatar
    Haven't used the group chat option yet. I found it under the Chats tab, click on Menu and you'll see the option for 'New Group Chat' which will allow you to create a subject and select contacts. Seems 5 is the maximum participants for group chats.
    02-15-11 07:24 AM
  13. tutu1009's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I'm using so I can't find the following options...

    4. make sure that Options > Security Options > General Settings > Content Compressions is Disabled

    5. make sure that Options > Security Options > General Settings > Content Protection is Disabled (or if Enabled, Include Contacts is excluded and set to No)

    8. make sure that APN is configured correctly under Options > Advanced Options > TCP (see apn blackberry - Google Search for more)

    9. make sure you have radio data activation enabled: "Radio Data Activation: No" blackberry - Google Search

    As for #8, I saw posts with different ways of configuring TCP which is confusing... Can anyone please tell me what the configuration now for Rogers is?

    P.S. My firewall is disabled (and no IT policy), but I still can't use WhatsApp with wi-fi at work/home. I'm using 9800 Torch with WhatsApp for BB v2.6.1417.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    02-18-11 02:56 PM
  14. hibanzai's Avatar
    How on gods earth do I make myself invisible to other whatsapp users on my contact list. Hate the fact that everybody is added automatically. Can I block certain numbers?
    02-21-11 06:31 AM
  15. acevansIT's Avatar
    Only just found whatsapp. Loving it! Me and my wife can now send each other pics of our sons for free!

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    02-21-11 10:53 AM
  16. terry2482's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone has both whatsapp and socialscope on their bb, but I discovered a glitch recently - if you go to your pictures --> send or share --> send to socialscope, the whatsapp screen will come up instead of socialscope for some reason. Has anyone had this happen to them or is it just me?
    02-21-11 01:17 PM
  17. acevansIT's Avatar
    Sorry Terry, but if I send a pic to socialscope, then socialscope opens woth the pic attached properly. Have you tried removing both apps and reinstalling them?

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    02-22-11 01:04 AM
  18. noTh1ng's Avatar
    02-25-11 10:22 AM
  19. evil.bunny's Avatar
    This app is giving me so much trouble lately. Is it the servers? After my last update it was working fine then I did a battery pull and it went back to the Whatsapp initializing page and gets stuck in registering... I decided to update to the latest Apps World version, no go. Updated to the beta version of .28xx, no go. I'm trying version .2735 still stuck and won't let me get past registering.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
    04-02-11 03:18 AM
  20. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    WA is updating fine for me, no problems with that, but I am having an issue with it remembering threads. One person's thread is lost (back to an earlier conversation with them) whenever I do a battery pull. But, another person's thread is maintained. I have no clue why that is happening.

    Then, just a few minutes ago, I received a notification that I had a WA message, but when I checked, there was nothing there...weird!
    04-02-11 09:50 AM
  21. evil.bunny's Avatar
    I finally got .2735 to work. It was stuck in registering and I just did a battery pull. When it came back on and I checked, Whatsapp was working. But whenever I refresh my fav list, it gives me 'Sync error: failed to transmit (please wait while system retries)'. Sent messages and they just get the clock icon on them. Did a battery pull. Messages are sending now with a check mark. Still getting the sync error though.

    I don't think I'll try updating from this build any time soon since the newer ones really give me trouble.
    04-02-11 08:05 PM
  22. rollups's Avatar
    same here. failed to get pass the registering process and it's still stuck. anyone any clue of fixing it?
    is it really necessary to do the battery pull? but it seems that the fundamental issue isn't solved since there's sync error
    04-03-11 04:22 AM
  23. evil.bunny's Avatar
    rollups, that was how I got Whatsapp to load. But it seems that it's back to the problem again. I opened the app to message a friend and lo and behold, it was back to the white screen but instead of registering, I'm stuck on the updating part and gives me the sync error. Doing a battery pull does not resolve the issue this time.

    I hope Whatsapp addresses these issues since I've seen some threads posted just this year about this problem. I was going to purchase the app after my one year and two more copies for my family members but the lack of support is very disheartening. I also emailed them a couple of weeks back about another issue and never heard back from them.
    04-03-11 05:23 AM
  24. evil.bunny's Avatar

    I have .2862 installed and the above picture is what's going on with the app on my phone right now. In my Messages folder, I have several Whatsapp thread messages open but I noticed that instead of the contact names, it's just their numbers showing. I click on them and they open in Whatsapp, I check back on the app itself and the above picture is still what's going on. Then a few minutes ago I get a notice that there's a new Whatsapp message. I open the app and still updating.. I go to my message folder and open the message from there and I am able to read the new messages (although they were dated as being sent last evening! I am able to send messages with a single green check mark.

    edit: I am able to trade messages with friends fast.
    edit2: Noticed the app finally loaded, I can open the app itself but now sending messages just gives me the clock icon. I'd prefer to have the app stuck in updating but being able to open the conversations in the BB message box and able to send and receive messages through there.
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    04-03-11 10:45 PM
  25. bl0w's Avatar

    i've downloaded last beta from beta.whatsapp.com/ota (2.6.2862) but i can't do a sms confirmation

    Whatsapp try to get the sms for 12mins and after that i can chose phone confirmation but this won't work also.

    I had whatsapp working before on .448 but i installed the new .526 today so the registration was gone.

    I also tried akku pull an restarting twice but i can't register to whatsapp.

    Can anybody confirm or help?


    Greetz bl0w
    04-04-11 07:39 AM
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