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    About a week ago I received a notification from the official RIM Twitter application about a new @mention. I clicked through and there was no new @mention. The newest one was from April 23, 2009. I deleted the notification and it keeps reappearing and there is no new @mention. It is getting very annoying. I have been using the official RIM app since the beta was leaked without a problem till now.

    On the settings I have it set to notify me on only new @mentions and DM's, not on New Tweets. I was running OS v5.0.0.591 at the time. I have since upgraded to the recently leaked When I did this I didn't back up my 3rd party apps. The .591 OS was so bad that I wanted a fresh install of all of them. I was sure this would have solved the problem. No such luck. Sure enough I get a notification of a new @mention and there is no new one. I have even uninstalled the Twitter app and reinstalled it several times. I have done numerous battery pulls. I have also logged into my account from a PC and looked for a cure for this ghost @mention.

    I am at a loss and have no idea how to remedy this annoyance. If anybody has any suggestions or knows of a solution I would be greatly appreciative. Heck, even if someone is having the same problem please post, that way I know it isn't just me having this issue.

    Thank You.
    05-03-10 02:37 AM
  2. Kylecore's Avatar
    Any time you log out and back in the app says there is a new @mention. All your restarts, batt pulls and reinstillations are just making it keep appearing.
    Its just a flaw in the app and rim has been notified several hundred times.
    My girlfriend and I both use the twitter app to check our stuff on my phone and each time we logout and back in it says we have new @mentions when we don't. Just check it and it'll go away until the next time you log out or restart.

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    05-03-10 05:47 AM
  3. rafiks's Avatar
    yeah,it looks like this app is still buggy thas why I reverted back to Ubertwitter.
    05-03-10 07:13 AM
  4. danielscrowe's Avatar
    Thank you for your response, kylecore. The notification appears after I check it without me logging out or restarting. I will check it and 5-10 minutes later the notification is back. So basically no matter what, I have the Twitter notification icon on my screen.

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    05-03-10 12:39 PM
  5. danielscrowe's Avatar
    I temporarily turned off any notification from the application. Hopefully this will suffice until there is a solution or an upgrade.

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    05-03-10 12:46 PM
  6. 701's Avatar
    I don't have this problem and I've been using the leaks and this official beta. I only have notifications turned on for replies. Sometimes new DMs aren't shown unless I manually refresh but I don't mind, the app is great.
    05-04-10 11:22 AM