06-06-13 10:26 PM
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  1. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    The Official Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones Thread

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to start a main thread for Discussion surrounding the new Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones application.

    Official RIM Press Release
    CrackBerry Blog Post on Facebook App
    Download Facebook for BlackBerry
    Getting Started/Support

    Let the discussion and reviews begin!
    10-24-07 03:57 PM
  2. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Took a while to log in once I got it, but the only rave I have is the ability to upload photos directy from my Curve. Other than that its just an OK application.
    10-24-07 04:00 PM
  3. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Oh sorry Kev, didn't see this post before I started my thread.
    10-24-07 04:04 PM
  4. javatyger's Avatar
    I just got an email back from RIM about this:

    Hello Lonnie,

    Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support.

    The Facebook for BlackBerry application that was announced today is at this moment only available for T-Mobile customers. To find out if and when Telus plans to allow Facebook to be used by its customers, I suggest you contact them at 1-866-771-7292.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you again for contacting us, Lonnie.


    BlackBerry Customer Support
    Research In Motion Limited

    Lucky buggers that got it! :-)

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    10-24-07 04:21 PM
  5. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Much better. Probably move the other threads in here? Thereby I don't have to browse one facebook thread to the other
    10-24-07 04:30 PM
  6. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Here's my impressions:

    Start with the Negatives I'm finding:
    - At the download site, you need to scroll forever before accepting the terms and conditions. Why not do what other apps do - Just hit the menu button and have the option to click Accept!
    - First time logging in, you still have to click ok to that darn "the server isn't trusted, do you want to connect anyways" dialogue box. RIM & Facebook made this app...shouldn't it be trustworthy?! Why do I have to see that message still!!
    - I was hoping for a Homepage experience similar to the real website. When I logged in, I was hoping for a summary of all the schtuff going on - other peoples status's, wall posts, etc. Not the case, it's just your Inbox of Messages/Wallposts.
    - I was also hoping for an easy way to view my Profile more clearly within the application. I can't really find a way to actually view my own profile??
    - When you browser your friends, then hit menu or click enter on a name, the by "default" highlighted option is to Poke Them. Typically that's the last thing I want to do. At least it prompts you before sending a poke - so there shouldn't be any accidental pokes sent.
    - Biggest Upset: When you View a Profile, it opens up the mobile facebook website in your BlackBerry's web browser. The first time it opens it forces you to login to facebook again (annoying..didn't I just log into the application?!). So viewing profiles is not done with the Facebook app itself, but in the web browser
    - Because you view profiles in the web browser, you're now outside of the Facebook app, and you lose that navigation/interface. So if you're on a persons profile page, you can click your berry's back button and it will bring you back into the app. But if you're a few layers deep into somebody's page, it's annoying to hit back, back, back, and have the webpages reload. I'm finding it quicker to just close browser and open facebook again (I guess you could use the app switcher too).
    - Invite a friend really doesn't have to be one of the seven icons at the top of the BlackBerry in my opinion. Everybody is using Facebook now! No more friends to invite. I'd like to hide that icon.

    The things I'm loving:
    - The integration with the BlackBerry - when you get a new notification it puts the icon up on your BlackBerry's desktop beside your email messages icon. AWESOME.
    - The fact that you can snap a photo in the photo app, click Send, and have the option to send to facebook.
    - BIGGIE - the PUSH factor. I did some tests having friends send me messages. I was logged into Facebook on the computer at the same time. I'd have the message on my Berry very, very soon after I saw it on Facebook.com (maybe 10 - 25 seconds).
    - Application itself is nice looking. It's clean and easy to use. That's why I wish viewing profiles loaded within the application itself. Why the push back to the web browser? Doesn't Yahoo Go! keep the web content within the App? Oops..back to a negative.

    - Rating: 50% Love it, 50% Disappointed
    - I think this application is very much a Messaging Tool. You'll get messages on your berry, and you'll respond to them right away (like you do emails, SMS, Pins, etc.). It's a way to stay in contact with all your other contacts that are Facebook addicted and don't own BlackBerrys.
    - What's it lacks over the real facebook is that social networking/friendly stalkering aspect. The cool thing about Facebook is seeing what your friends/contacts are up to even when you're not in a direct dialogue with them. To me this app is very much a direct action application... not a passive killing time application, which is kind of what Facebook is all about.
    - I know a lot of the above sounds negative, but it is a really good app and worth downloading. It's driven by necessity, and is something I will definitely use on a regular basis. I just think there's still room for improvement.

    Thoughts? Am I way off? Missing anything? Agree/Disagree?
    10-24-07 04:38 PM
  7. Bla1ze's Avatar
    well, the email is not entirely correct, officially yes....but reality no..I have it installed on my Rogers Curve and it works fine as kind...sorry bout your luck though, call Telus and ask, the more ppl that call abt it, the more apt they may be to fix the issue faster.... then again they may be trying to suck more cash out of you by using this
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    10-24-07 04:39 PM
  8. chinesecatt's Avatar
    I was really expecting that it would like a "wap" version of the facebook site. And yes, too limited capabilities that I might as well do it straight on my computer. I have a few friends there (since I don't add members that I do not know) but even listing my buddies, it's not even a complete list! Now what good does that do, eh?

    Nope, not keeping it. Probably when it can do more stuffs than check my messages (which are all request to be added), poking somebody or uploading pics. I thought I can actually see and browse my friends profile and check what's happening with them.
    10-24-07 04:49 PM
  9. dblo7's Avatar
    i installed, but after countless attempts, the connection has continued to fail. what a POS app. good thing i can uninstall such a useless program
    10-24-07 04:53 PM
  10. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Delete. Done. Restarting BB.
    10-24-07 04:54 PM
  11. CMEC's Avatar
    I didn't even waste my time downloading this app, I am more of a myspace fan.
    10-24-07 05:08 PM
  12. mattmarenic's Avatar
    I installed and don't wanna connect to server. Will try in morning but I doubt it will work...
    10-24-07 05:16 PM
  13. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I love the app so far, total agreement from me Kevin, as you stated Yahoo!Go is all maintained inside, don't understand why we get pushed to the browser either...although in your review it states u cant view friends staus and such...you can, when you load your friends list it shows their status and the first icon as well refreshes your status and lists your freinds as well..overall I enjoy the app, cept that being pushed to the browser.
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    10-24-07 05:18 PM
  14. mattmarenic's Avatar
    Delete. Done. Restarting BB.

    I done same thing...
    10-24-07 05:26 PM
  15. jacaranda1's Avatar
    Am holding out for a MySpace app. Sigh... way bigger than Facebook....
    10-24-07 06:38 PM
  16. FidsTails's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I'm a Blackberry newbie so I've probably done something very silly but if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Followed the link to download the app on the PC, it found the Pearl connected to it and said installation was complete. If I look under Advanced Options > Applications on the handheld it lists the Facebook app but I can't find it from the home page of application list (I've tried restarting and 'show all' on the homepage but nothing.

    What am I doing so very wrong?!

    Thanks in advance.
    10-24-07 06:41 PM
  17. javatyger's Avatar
    Kevin, thanks for the offical thread now, but still, you deleted mine!

    Did you get that message that I last posted about the offical response from RIM about my issue I was having???
    10-24-07 06:48 PM
  18. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Yours is still there!

    Last edited by Trevor; 10-24-07 at 09:30 PM.
    10-24-07 06:54 PM
  19. nicole0373's Avatar
    I'm in Jamaica and downloaded the app as well, but keep getting the error "unable to contact facebook" So frustrating. If anyone finds a fix/workaround, pls post.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-24-07 07:05 PM
  20. javatyger's Avatar
    Oh!! I searched for it, and I thought it got deleted!! hehe... Sorry. :-)

    But yeah, I think I just need to upgrade my 'Berry but I like my 7130e!!!

    There's also other people having the same issue, with 8800, so I don't think my issue is related only to my O/S but I'm sure thats a huuuge factor. :-(
    10-24-07 07:09 PM
  21. Roxy's Avatar
    I think I like the mobile version of facebook better.
    10-24-07 07:16 PM
  22. Mike Overbo's Avatar
    What, no love for all of those notes I took? I'm not a CTIA correspondent all of a sudden?

    Boo urns!
    10-24-07 08:01 PM
  23. mscooley's Avatar
    Downloaded on my 8830 with Cellular South and all is good. I like the app, but I think the WAP version looks and functions much better.
    10-24-07 08:18 PM
  24. Trevor's Avatar
    I can't seem to download it. It says my carrier doens't support it???

    What the heck Verizon, can't you let me have anything for free?
    10-24-07 09:14 PM
  25. DearFloyd's Avatar
    (Whistle, whistle) Wondering why some compare Facebook to MySpace (whistle, whistle) its true both are social networking sites, but Facebook is more centered around connecting and reconnecting with new classmates and former school buddies. MySpace on the other hand is just a glorified personal blog where strangers tend to interact more.

    It took a million tries for me to finally log on. Anyhow like I said earlier, I really dig that I can upload photos straight from my Curve to FB, but the wap version suits me just fine.
    10-24-07 09:38 PM
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