1. geonap's Avatar
    shouldn't we be seeing other SIP clients? this is getting extremely annoying, I've already dumped one blackberry and will not hesitate to dump the other anymore.. any suggestions ? or is it sort of like a direct dial access number??
    01-03-10 12:45 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    The Vonage app is not a SIP app. It is a dialer app that calls into the Vonage network, then places the call. You still have a local call being made from your BB.

    iSkoot, and the current released IM+ for Skype do the same thing with the Skype network - local phone call to connect to the network.

    IM+ for Skype has a beta out that is supposed to do SIP/VOIP over wifi. It's half-duplex only (so it works like a walkie-talkie). It will be interesting to see how their app develops and what follows.
    01-04-10 06:28 AM