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    Just wondering if anyone has used or is using notifysync for emails and calendar sync with an exchange account. After some feedback on the following;

    * speed of emails arriving, does it occur intime with Outlook or is it delayed? (have read and know that TCP/data plan from carrier ontop of BIS required for direct push)

    * battery drain, any effect on battery life with Notifysync working?

    * can you access exchange directory when entering email address, if so how quick/well is this implimented?

    * can you setup and add attendees to meetings through on the exchange calendar. If so does notifysync have it's own calendar or does it use the native calendar app?

    That's all the questions i have at the moment Hopefully notifysync will tick all the boxes and I can jump across to the crackberry world...
    10-15-11 03:33 AM
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    can anyone shed some light on this for me?
    10-17-11 04:56 AM
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    I can't tell you what NS does, but I use Astrasync and it does everything you are asking extremely well.

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    10-18-11 02:12 AM
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    Why not just dl the trial?

    It works very well. Its quite polished. Quite expensive though especially for the first year. Astrasync isn't as polished but is cheaper.

    Both have trial versions so I suggest giving both a try and see which one works best for you.

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    10-18-11 06:11 AM
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    How about the whole deal with CICALs and NotifySync? It seems messy, I would like to know why that is... Thus don't want to do the trial and mess up my personal calendar...

    I use Astrasync right now but it is a battery hoag
    03-03-12 04:32 PM
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    I work for the NHS and i use NotifySync extensivly.

    Personally, I believe it has issues...

    1. On the Torch, i have repeatedly called the emergency services due to the poor thinking on implementing the 'legal requirement' to be able to contact the Em. Serv's on any phone even if locked. THIS IS A BIG ISSUE, and i have even contacted NS about it who brushed it of and said there is nothing they could do. I believe still have the email. I actually find this embarressing, and i have managed to do it accedentally about 4 times. Usually when the alarm goes of in the morning, and i'm fumbling around trying to touch the screen to turn it of, only to be met with a 'Emergency services, which service do your require??". The 'Dismiss Alarm' button overlays the emergency services button basically, or when the phone is in my pocket not in its case, again the 'Em Serv' button is on the screen and has been activated inadvertedly. I think they should make it so you have to slide the phone open and dial 999 as with any other non touch screen phone. If it didnt have a keyboard then i'd understand, but this needs to be addresses before i end up with some kind of Penalty or a Fine (if such a thing happens).

    2. Although NS assure me that the app automatically will select my memory card if available, i seem to be getting told i do not have enough space to store messages. I have tried multiple 8GiB microSD's. Same Issue.

    3. As mentioned by 'jefo13', there are issues with the CICAL thing. One of these issues is the fact that i have my NHS email, and 2 Hotmail accounts on the same device. When I recieve a meeting request for example, for some unknown reason, my hotmail takes that request from my calendar and emails it to everyone in my email address book. Something to do with Hotmail and NHS using the same calendar.

    4. They changed their pricing. Initially it was 60 per license. Then after i had had it for 2 years, it suddenly changed to 60 then 50 per year after the first 2 years. Bit sneaky, and its not like i could say I wasn't going to pay as i was already 2 years deep into using it and rely on it a lot.

    Overall, while I am happy that it achieves what I want it to do (and some other users in the organization) , I can not honestly put my hand on my heart and recommend it. The support is ok for simple things, however, when somthing a bit mor in depth comes up, in my experience with their help desk, they tend to point you to the 'forums' as 'its all there'.

    Personally i can't stand companies that offer a product, then duck and dive every which way possible to avoid doing any extra work, and i feel that this company is heading in that direction.

    They have just released their 'Device Manager' software too, not something I've looked at, but if there are issues with the client side that need to be addressed and they don't seem to be listening to their customers, then i don't hold out much hope for the 'server' side.

    Of course, everything above in this post is my own personal opinion based on my own experiences with the product, and do not reflect the opinion of anyone else apart from myself, so you are free to make up your own minds.

    If you were to ask me though, I would probably say try as many trials and see which one fits/works best for you.
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    03-05-12 02:50 AM
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    Have been using this for about 4 months now.

    Emails work perfectly, sync exactly as they should Push or interval. Push sucks through the battery as expected so I set my to interval and this improves battery life to what it was before NotifySync installed. My only problem is the difference in layout compared to std Blackberry OS emails.

    Calendar this slightly frustrating. If more than one calendar is setup then NotifySync does all sorts of crazy stuff, double entries, emailing everyone with reminders and meeting requests that have already been or accepted from other accounts on the device (i.e gmail/hotmail). Also adds these to other accound calendars Seemed to have fixed this by deleting CICAL within service books. Although I did this to start with it still has stuffed around, most recently today. Had to delete all CICAL's again. Was messing around with settings and these were all in Service Books again, my fault i'd say this time. BlackBerry noob.

    All in all it works as described and once calendars are working then they are also sync'd in the same time frame as what the emails are. Bit of a pain that this has to be done to get Exchange emails, here's looking to BB10 which I hope to god has support for exchange.
    04-23-12 06:28 AM