1. akermen's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    We've been developing a password protected notepad application,
    SafeNote for BlackBerry. It's almost done we'd like to know what
    feature you most like to have on this kind of application:

    • PC synchronization
    • WEB synchronization
    • Send notes via bluetooth, email, ...
    • Rich-Text Editor, clickable urls,phone-numbers,emails,....
    • Attachments (audio, photo,..)
    • Reading text/html documents or maybe pdf (books?)
    • Other (please specify:............)

    thanks for your time,

    Ahmet Kermen
    07-29-09 06:33 AM
  2. DD1968's Avatar
    Save files to SD card - .txt or .doc format, and yes please PDF reader would be lovely...
    Need any beta testers ;-)

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-29-09 06:54 AM
  3. DD1968's Avatar
    The rest you mentioned sounds sweet too.

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    07-29-09 06:55 AM
  4. akermen's Avatar
    Thank you
    Yes we need beta testers. could you please send your email address, I'll mail the latest beta version to you.
    08-06-09 09:34 AM
  5. Elicia30's Avatar
    I agree with whats posted above. I write notes all the time. Maybe a voice to text feature? Saving on a sd would be fantastic! I'll email u my email for beta testing. I work for vzw in nj so i love to beta test
    08-06-09 04:46 PM
  6. emerald0130's Avatar
    I love the idea of this app!!! please email me the beta tester whatever you call it LOL i'd love to try it out

    08-06-09 04:54 PM
  7. akermen's Avatar
    Thank you ver much for your interest.
    I send the beta version to all of you.
    08-08-09 04:38 AM
  8. maxxgrl's Avatar
    I'm interested in the beta testing too...

    08-08-09 05:17 AM
  9. RichieHD's Avatar
    I'd like to beta it to my email for an ota link is richmorrison182 @ aim.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-08-09 01:22 PM