1. bab006's Avatar
    Since 9:54 this morning nothing is working again. My phone is just a phone and will only call people. If I had just wanted a phone then I could have got a phone and a much cheaper bill. This is the third time this has happened since Jan 29. What is going on? I do not remember this ever happening on my BB Curve.
    03-08-10 04:29 PM
  2. sniper27's Avatar
    did you call AT&T to see if there is a network outage in your area?
    03-08-10 04:40 PM
  3. bab006's Avatar
    I am sure it is a network outage but why does it keep happening and why did it never happen on my Curve. I just got the Bold in January and I have the Curve over 16 months and it never happened once.
    03-08-10 05:06 PM
  4. tsuki420's Avatar
    There is a known Blackberry outage affecting 15 percent of USA Blackberry users. Should hopefully be fixed soon.
    03-08-10 06:43 PM
  5. Maiev's Avatar
    You're not the only one :x


    Its annoying cuz I just upgraded my OS, it makes me think the OS broke something... hehe!
    03-08-10 06:47 PM
  6. BlackSheep2007's Avatar
    I've been without Data since late last night in upstate South Carolina. I was on the phone with Verizon Tech for an hour and they can't even send me service books. Told me to take to nearest store so I did and after 1 1/2 hours the tech could do nothing with it and said it is probably a network problem but they would order me a new phone if I liked. I asked if they had no way of knowing if it actually was a network issue and they said no. I asked if others were having the same problem and he said yes. He said I should give it til Friday and if nothing happens then I should order another phone. I said I will give it til Wednesday. If I only needed a phone then that's what I would have. I understand Networks having problems but seems if though someone should be in the know about it. I'll wait and see.
    03-08-10 06:53 PM
  7. BlackSheep2007's Avatar
    You're not the only one :x


    Its annoying cuz I just upgraded my OS, it makes me think the OS broke something... hehe!
    Page not found on that link.

    That was what happened to me last night. I was upgrading to new hybrid and figured something went wrong. I spent all night wiping and reinstalling all the way back down to .320 with no results. I don't have an email setup folder or any of the pushed icons or anything. Just phone service.

    Never mind I see you've already fixed it.
    03-08-10 06:56 PM
  8. rholsen's Avatar
    This has happened to me as well. Started around 9am central time this morning, and I have been without data service since. It is a brand new phone (got it Saturday), but my wife's works perfect. They are sending me a new phone. The rep on the phone tried everything and nothing worked. Strange.
    03-08-10 06:57 PM
  9. Maiev's Avatar
    What makes the troubleshooting even harder is.... my roomate's blackberry is blinking and BBM working... LOL. So it seems to be random... I guess a specific server is down :x that handles a specific number of BB users.
    03-08-10 06:58 PM
  10. rage2021's Avatar
    i am also experiencing issues with Fido, well i guess Rogers since they use same network... started happening today, so wierd..i too have been using my wifi consistently, dunno if that has anything to do with it. glad im not the only one though.
    03-08-10 07:08 PM
  11. bab006's Avatar
    When mine has gone out several people surrounding me have the same problem that is how I know it is a network problem and not my phone.
    03-08-10 07:44 PM
  12. scoot05redss's Avatar
    This is aggravating the P*$$ Out of me. I can BBM and browse on wifi, but can't get crap on the network. I called AT&T, they don't know anything! He wants me to call from a different phone so they can troubleshoot my phone, but I'm sure it's not my phone! He's not gona find the issue and wanna replace my phone! Jesus!
    03-08-10 10:52 PM
  13. BlackSheep2007's Avatar
    Mines back up now finally.
    03-09-10 01:18 PM