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    You are right, a large email would typically have large documents attached that are better read on the iPad's larger screen but it would still be helpful to be able to read the body of the email on my BB.

    This solution wouldn't be available to me if I replaced my iPad with a PB which is one reason that, in its current state, the Playbook is unusable for me.

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    I'm pretty sure you'd be able to log in online into your account but yeah, ipad and BB makes just as much sense. Or a netbook. I have a 4 year old Acer laptop for such work, better then any tablet out there still.

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    07-11-11 07:51 AM
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    Ok, I read this thread and I think I might have an answer. The applications written by RIM all require at minimum a BIS data plan to function properly. Some apps by other third party developers also require a BIS plan at minimum, but some have the option of connecting via wifi, tcp, ect if BIS is not available. The OP also has the option of accessing the web based versions from a browser like Opera Mini. So if the OP has issues with applications developed by parties other than RIM, he/she really needs to take it up with that party in particular.

    At least that's how I interpret this thread.
    07-11-11 09:21 AM
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    I'm pretty sure you'd be able to log in online into your account but yeah, ipad and BB makes just as much sense. Or a netbook. I have a 4 year old Acer laptop for such work, better then any tablet out there still.

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    I used to use a netbook. I find the iPad much faster and its great for reading documents in PDF format.
    07-11-11 10:00 AM
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    This topic is off topic! Okay, apart from people who are happy with BIS, many other are struggling with BB devices, especially new users because of one question "Why don't my apps work over simple Wifi or 3G?"

    Let's me make the point further. I want an enterprise-free Blackberry phone. No BIS, no BES. No system admin to tell me that "No, you cannot use Facebook/IM". I can afford any BB device, I just don't want to any enterprise control.

    --> What I concern is why the RIM wants to die (yes, they're dying) with their BIS and devil service plan. Because they will lose more and more customers who just wants a phone that works, as some of you say "consumer phone".

    Why don't RIM produce a BlackBerry 9700 out of the enterprise/security/ect. context. Can you imagine? May be I would advise more people to use it. Now, I advise no one, because more and more people (business or non-business) go for touchscreens, while RIM justs sit their with their Service Providers and say "No, you must pay for BIS, or beat it".

    For those who really don't understand what the topic starter means, pls read this bumpy road story. It's not mine, anyway. juanriano.com/2010/free-blackberry-apps-that-run-over-wi-fi
    03-13-12 06:00 AM
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    Dear BB masters, listening without understanding is also a valid definition of ignorance.

    Are you in a situation of paying for a phone (You thought you would have the phone and the software in it work for you), then you realize that you need to pay more money (for the mobile network provider) just to use the email + IM programs in it. Ok, you can go for third-party programs. Oh oh, it's not right, not convenient, not inviting. You paid for the phone, and those BBMessenger, email + IM programs are not supposed to sit there saying "No service enabled for this application". Why forces users to use those services while Wifi/3G plan can serve all those kinds of applications (I suppose you're a normal users, not Obama and free from those additional secure stuff).

    And once again, third party programs on BB always have trouble while connecting via Wifi/3G. It has nothing to do with the programs themselves. This is the most infamous thing about Blackberry OS right now. It's also why this thread exists. All I want is just a more friendly phone from RIM, so that I can believe RIM won't be in history in the foreseeable future.


    Again, pls read from the beginning of the thread.
    03-13-12 11:15 PM
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    RIM is still going to be existing. Saying they won't be for long is just as ignorant. Would you say the same thing for any other strong company? Probably not.
    03-13-12 11:24 PM
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    RIP RIM, lol
    04-05-12 11:52 PM
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    RIP beep, lol
    NO U!

    10 bits.
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    It's hilarious, the company is thick as 2 bricks and my first post is just one of many outlines of their stupidity in action.

    RIP, Truly an American icon.
    04-06-12 12:09 AM
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    Truly your own narrowness. /ignored
    04-06-12 12:11 AM
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    Newb here. Registered for this site just to respond to this forum. I came here looking for answers about how to get Google Maps to work over wifi on my BB. After 7 pages of being told that BIS/BES is about the only thing in network security I felt the need to respond.

    I use wifi for almost everything and my data plan as a back up. So yes, count me in the multitudes of users out there who do need their apps to work over wifi. It is absolutely ridiculous that Google codes their apps to only use the mobile network that I pay for. Absurd is what I'd call it.

    And for everyone who claims the world wouldn't exist without BIS/BES, please take a look around...the world functions just fine and quite honestly very securely without it. And from what I've seen of the hassles of trying to implement BIS/BES with Exchange and other enterprise systems, I'm with my IT department in refusing the expenditure.

    Now for answers (which is why I looked at this absurd thread to begin with). Blackberry Messenger now works over Wifi on the BB 9000. So does the Facebook and most others now. Google is about the last one to have not made the transition and they need to get with the program and change their design to meet industry needs. We have a Google corporate account and it's complete bollocks that Google Maps won't work with our BBs.

    Anyone out there have any success creating a hack app to get around the Google design deficiency? Or does anyone have a developmental status update as to when Google is going to put out a changed app?

    I'm using the MapQuest app since Google isn't working. MapQuest has no problem grabbing my GPS data and working with it. Not my preferred app but since it works over Wifi and Google doesn't...I'm a fan right now.

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    05-16-12 08:28 PM
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    As Google Apps are not written by RIM, maybe you can get the answers by posting on Google's forums directly.

    Google Groups
    05-16-12 08:50 PM
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    FINALY!!!after spending/wasting my hole afternoon looking for an explanation as to why my google maps third party app won't work on wifi and filtering through 4pages of discussions about NOTHING somebody actually took the time to answer the original question of this thread. mapquest is the solution.......if you're not on os6. D'oH! i'm used to os6 sucking balls and being left out of every app development worth noting (like vibers call features) but i think this one put me over the edge. screw rim, i hope they go belly up (which they actually did years ago, now they're just bleeding all over the place)

    If anybody is reading this and was thinking about buying a blackberry, for the love of god DON'T DO IT!! it is by definition pointless
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    09-14-13 07:07 PM
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    Good riddence to you. Obviously you never tried blackberry 10, which is much better. Keep spreading your misinformation. Because it's not working anymore. /endoftrollfeed
    09-14-13 07:15 PM
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    If you still have you service books you can use bb maps!About the email accounts you can use Smart mail-like the native bb email client. You can make gogle maps work if you set you service provider APN details.But you really need your service books like before.I did the same and I am pleased for now.I will migrate to bb10 very soon and the pain will over.

    I feel fu**ing good with the RC13+861 base & sfi....
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    09-17-13 09:02 AM
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