1. r1_45's Avatar
    ok so i was messing around with nfl mobile live on my sprint 8830 running and i could not get the video or audio to work on it. when i first switched to i could get both audio and video but then it made me upgrade my nfl mobile live app shortly after and i could no longer get the audio or video. it gave the same old error message, device not supported..... well i looked around and couldnt find anything on it, but stumbled over a link to download software from sprint. once i went to the link on my blackberry it didnt recognize my device so i scrolled down and picked the 8330 even though i have an 8830. from there i downloaded nfl mobile live and BAM it worked, i have full audio and videos streaming on my 8830. dont know if anyone else wants this on their phone but the link to the sprint site is....

    http:// softwarestore.sprint.com/wap/phones.php]Sprint Store

    remember to select the 8330 when asked what device you are browsing from. essentially your just tricking it into letting you download the version available for that phone which supports audio and video. **** now be advised that since it is the 8330 version the video does not fill the entire screen on ur 8830, its just like a youtube video for those of you that have tried it running***** its better than nothing!

    if someone already posted this i couldnt find it at all! let me know if this helps or works for you as well!!!!
    11-18-08 02:44 AM
  2. bar1203's Avatar
    Good lookin out!!! I just upgraded to over the weekend and didnt even think to update nfl live. I was just happy to get youtube to work on the phone. Now I'll never miss another Steeler game again!!!
    11-18-08 03:21 PM
  3. miss.jordan.baker's Avatar
    How did you get to the list of software for the 8330? Mine only gives me the list for the 8830
    11-27-08 08:30 PM
  4. theadrock13's Avatar
    NFL Mobile Live blows for me on my Sprint Curve. Watching a live game the screen goes black (& sound goes off) every 10 seconds. I have to press a button to get the stream to come alive, wait a few moments for it to buffer, then watch the game for 10 more seconds. AWFUL! I haven't been able to find any posts anywhere about this problem.

    Anyone have an idea? Or does NFL Network just blow? I already know they suck huge because the only reason I'm even trying to watch the game on my Curve is because they won't show the game on Comcast. What @ssholes. Sorry I digressed....
    12-20-08 08:50 PM
  5. scottfree226's Avatar
    i'm a Raiders fan so the less i know of the scores the better. so i'm glad i dont have it
    12-21-08 10:03 AM
  6. Heresy's Avatar
    i downloaded it for my 8320 and all it does is sit there "loading". A couple times it just said no connection available.
    12-21-08 01:26 PM
  7. andhanni's Avatar
    Thanks will need to remember this once I update
    12-22-08 09:54 PM