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    Full disclosure- I work for TripIt.

    I wanted to post here, because we've heard from so many travelers who use the BlackBerry, and many of you have asked us to develop a BlackBerry app.

    We were listening! We just released a free app for BlackBerry, so you can access all of the travel information in your TripIt itineraries straight from your BlackBerry, whether you're online or offline.

    And, we're still listening, and would love to get your feedback about our app from the travelers using it.

    To download the app, just go to m.tripit.com/uhp/blackberry.

    For more information about TripIt, visit us at tripit.com.
    01-20-10 06:16 PM
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    I think I'm missing something. I downloaded the app but when I go to enter it it takes me to the browser. It seems to be just an icon that takes you to the website, not really an app.
    01-20-10 08:44 PM
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    It opens the browser for you to create a login and also login. Once you do that and login it will stay login. The app doesn't run in the background.

    Thr app is awesome. I actually have a trip coming at the end of the month. I sent my flight info to trip it and it gathered all the info perfectly. The layout is very organized and easy to read. Another great feature is being able to send the info to your calendar.

    I love the calendar feature but one thing I wish I was able to do was set it as an alarm. So as of now the app will put in your calendar the days you will be off and no reminder, just notes, since it will start the day at 12am, so no alarm is great. It will also input the exact time of when your flight is, THAT'S when I wish I can have a setting for alarm. I know its great to know when the time of flight is but if I'm not reminded I'll miss it. Granted its a flight it would be nice to be reminded an hour early or more just in case. Yes I can go into the calendar and switch it to an alarm, but having the app choose user defined for that would be great.

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    01-21-10 06:04 AM
  4. wdcbrucefan's Avatar
    AngieSF -- I am a long-time TripIt user. Have had the app on my BB for a couple months, but now want to transition to using the Calendar Sync function.

    (I was previously using an iCal, fed into a Google Calendar, pulled into my BB via Google Mobile Sync, then auto-fed into Outlook 2003 via BES. Complicated, but it worked pretty well and was largely my only option, being on Outlook 2003 with no iCal support.)

    But now I've tried switching to the TripIt BB app's sync function. Its not creating the Calendar entries. (All permissions for TripItLow are set to allow.) And I've clicked "refresh" and let it go for a while. The TripIt app says "updating" in the upper right and the itinerary in TripIt BB app are in fact updating. But its not transitioning to my BB native calendar.

    Any help is appreciated. -- Thanks, T
    03-23-10 01:06 PM