1. Deacons125's Avatar
    Which News app is the best to get..fox, AP, etc..????
    05-31-10 01:30 AM
  2. TurboTiger's Avatar
    I would suggest two:

    Viigo - now owned by RIM.

    Google Reader - I have desktop access and mobile access and they are my primary source for news feeds. Google Reader has changed the way I read news entirely.

    Good Luck
    05-31-10 09:16 PM
  3. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I like AP mobile a lot.
    Fox doesn't really have an app, just a link to their mobile website.

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    05-31-10 10:26 PM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I use Newspapers from Makayama Software.

    Gives you access to tons of newspapers from around the world, is very fast, has
    a small footprint and works over WiFi or 3G (can't speak to whether it works on
    EDGE - I'll have to try that_
    05-31-10 10:56 PM