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  • I am a HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL Dumper!

    77 34.68%
  • I am still in OEM Locked ****!

    20 9.01%
  • Freed some Mem but the Pix Remain!

    40 18.02%
  • I have No Idea What I Am Doing!!??!!

    85 38.29%
08-06-13 07:54 PM
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  1. jtmiller03's Avatar
    That's the spot on the referenced page to download the file... not the actual link.
    Make sense?
    05-23-09 07:53 AM
  2. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    thanks a lot
    06-25-09 03:45 PM
  3. Xan21's Avatar
    Nice!!! thanks.
    06-26-09 11:52 AM
  4. doctrdev's Avatar
    Thanks for these tips.. I can't seem to get CrackMem to recognize my OS.. how do I do this? Sorry I'm a new storm owner.

    06-27-09 08:45 PM
  5. mundo472's Avatar
    How can I get CM to work with Windows 2000? Apparently it needs some service book that is only for xp and vista.
    If it is impossible, does anyone know of an OS shrinker that doesn't require that service book (and yes, Shrink-an-os requires it as well)

    06-28-09 07:05 PM
  6. idfixcomm's Avatar
    I did everything as planned, but DM tells me that I have not updated to do. And when I go to pictures, I always OEM images and videos
    06-29-09 12:07 PM
  7. doctrdev's Avatar
    I couldn't get crackmem to work but this download works great:


    You can run straight from your BB and delete locked wallpapers, etc. I deleted all locked wallpapers, didn't see any increase in available app mem. I deleted the sample video, that freed up about 2MB.

    Can anyone tell me what the BB allocates to 'app mem' vs. 'system mem?' For example, are contacts, emails, SMS, etc stored in app mem, or system mem? Does the BB automatically allocate app mem from system mem as needed, or is it set in stone?

    Right now I start the day at about 33MB, get toward 22MB by the end of the day.. then an overnight QuickPull fixes it.. working smoothly so far.

    I turned off my Viigo auto-update, that seems to have stopped some memory leakage throughout the day.
    06-29-09 08:17 PM
  8. mundo472's Avatar
    Thanks Doctr, I'd already used BBfilescout with the same result. I found out you have to delete the files BEFORE loading the OS onto the storm to save the memory. Apparently there is no OS shrinker that will work on windows 2000.
    I did get rid of Docs to Go. Wasn't using it. Saved 5megs and SIGNIFICANTLY slowed the memory leak. Odd...
    06-29-09 10:03 PM
  9. doctrdev's Avatar
    Oy.. i wish I could but my desktop manager isn't working right.. out of the box the CD software didn't work at all.. then I got an update and that fixed the apps manager, roxio and my device backup still don't work.. so I can't backup my device to reinstall the OS =(
    06-30-09 01:21 PM
  10. mundo472's Avatar
    I don't think you can delete the files without one of the "shrink" programs. The bbfilescout will only delete from the berry itself. If you can use one of those, you could skip the DM loader and use the launcher directly from the OS download. Check the directions for loading the old 122 leak for details, though they probably exist elsewhere as well.
    06-30-09 08:58 PM
  11. jeanjacques's Avatar

    I have a question.

    I did a complete wipe with JL_Cmder (cause it didn't go with crackMem).
    Then, after i got the error that there was no soft, i used app loader from RIM to add the software i wanted (from other provider with other languages) to store this.


    I still got the old fixed screensaver, the browser still not working (it's like locked with the initial provider).

    How can i resolve this??

    Please, email me ASAP at: nightshifta at hotmail dot com.

    07-21-09 12:24 PM
  12. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    It might be good to mention that you need to run CrackMem as an administrator if you are using Windows 7. It didn't work the first time I tried, but then I ran it as an administrator and it worked like a charm.
    11-15-09 08:27 PM
  13. jlsparks's Avatar
    Great, great job Rooster. I've been using CrackMem but I still learned a few things. If you don't mind, I'm going to add a link to this to my sig. Shoot me a PM if you no likey :P Thanks again.
    11-15-09 08:36 PM
  14. mattvait's Avatar
    how about the default background? what i mean is when the phone is very low on mem and is slow, some times you can get a glipse of the lighting bolt background image before the phone renders the background i choose. whats the name of this background file? and can it be made avail and/or deleted?
    12-24-09 05:24 PM
  15. joe.kent's Avatar
    If you already have the OS on the phone, you can use BBSAK and delete the CODs, I'd recommend saving them then deleting them, you can always put them back...
    12-26-09 01:51 PM
  16. drtooth's Avatar
    thanks will give this a go!
    12-29-09 12:21 PM
  17. Galbinus_Caeli's Avatar
    Is 3.2 still the latest version of CrackMem?

    I would like to upgrade my 8330m from a sprint mvno to the 5.x.x OS.
    01-26-10 11:35 AM
  18. Siance's Avatar
    I've d/l crackmem and gone through the tutorial but it didn't delete the sample pics or video - they were still in Java folder. Can you delete the cod files directly - if so what's the point of crackmem? New OS is installed fine though.
    02-26-10 12:12 PM
  19. im2bc4u's Avatar
    i have successfully upgraded my Storm 9530 just now.. Thank you very much
    06-08-10 05:26 AM
  20. aenflex's Avatar
    Please someone help me. I am so upset. I can't figure this out. I have installed OS and crackmem to my pc. I need to know what to do after I have made my removal selections and executed the command.
    09-23-10 11:25 AM
  21. aenflex's Avatar
    Nevermind. I couldn't figure out what to do after running crackmem...I did not need an OS update, and these instructions are tailored around that. I did locate and run loader.exe after running crackmem, which thank god has removed some of what I selected.

    However, BB Curve 8330 owners with BOOST - crackmem did NOT remove the 5 uneeded preinstalled Themes. I have run crackmem 2 times now, and these themes are still on my device. The VAD and TTY were removed, but not themes and not sample music.
    If anyone knows how to remove these themes from 8330 BOOST Curve, please let me know, I'll try anything.

    This OP was very, very helpful. But it would be extra nice if the instructions were updated to include DM 6.0 and steps for people who are using crackmem but not simultaneously doing an OS upgrade.
    09-23-10 11:54 AM
  22. TheKidWhoScreams's Avatar
    Thanks a lot Rooster. This worked for me but please note that it doesn't work with the current BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software. I had to downgrade to the one you were using in the tutorial (4.7) then I got it to work perfectly.
    08-06-13 07:54 PM
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