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    SpeakNow FREE allows you convert any kinds of text into 43 difference voice on over the world.
    You can hear and download mp3 file to store or share via BBM, Mail... as a voice message, voice alarm or ringing tone.
    New! SpeakNow FREE v102 for OS 5-6-7. Let's convert text to voice.-1.png
    =>Download and enjoy now : BlackBerry World - SpeakNow FREE

    - Customize voice with 43 different type of languages.
    - Create a collection of voice ring tone, voice alarm.
    - Create a voice message to share via BBM, Mail...
    - Customize voice speed to make amazing voice effect.

    - Step 1: Typing text or copy text from Browser, BBM, Note....
    - Step 2: Choose the voice you want convert.
    - Step 3: Press button "Text To Speak" to hear sound.
    - Step 4: Press button "Download Mp3" if you want download Mp3 file. You can customize the voice speed to create a different voice effect.

    - Requirement network connection.
    - Download Mp3 file with 26 words limited.

    - Australian English Female
    - Brazilian Portuguese Female
    - Canadian English Female
    - Canadian French Female
    - Canadian French Male
    - Chinese Female
    - Chinese Male
    - European Catalan Female
    - European Czech Female
    - European Danish Female
    - European Dutch Female
    - European Dutch Male
    - European Finnish Female
    - European French Female
    - European French Male
    - European German Female
    - European German Male
    - European Italian Female
    - European Italian Male
    - European Norwegian Female
    - European Polish Female
    - European Portuguese Female
    - European Portuguese Male
    - European Spanish Female
    - European Spanish Male
    - European Turkish Female
    - European Turkish Male
    - Hong Kong Cantonese Female
    - Hungarian Female
    - Japanese Female
    - Japanese Male
    - Korean Female
    - Korean Male
    - Russian Female
    - Russian Male
    - Swedish Female
    - Taiwan Chinese Female
    - UK English Female
    - UK English Male
    - US English Female (default)
    - US English Male
    - US Spanish Female
    - US Spanish Male

    =>Download and enjoy now : BlackBerry World - SpeakNow FREE
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