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    Version 2.12.2 is now available.
    This update fixes a font bug, a menu sizing bug and bluetooth toggle was fine tuned a little.

    QuickLaunch 2.12 for Storm 95xx is now available!

    New Features in 2.12:

    Stay Lit
    This will allow you to keep the backlight on which is good for reading or when using maps etc. This feature is located in the 'Add Applications' section.
    (similar in function to BBLight and other apps like that)
    The backlight will stay on until you hit a convenience key or access QL again at which point it will revert to the normal timeout value.

    Bluetooth Toggle
    Turn your bluetooth radio on or off

    How to Configure the Bluetooth Toggle feature:
    This feature works with macros simulating user key input.
    When you add this function via Add Application you will see an entry field
    labeled "Paramater" and the default values are automatically filled in.
    To configure the Bluetooth Toggle feature to work correctly you might have to change these numbers.

    The first number, 5, refers to the position that the 'Bluetooth' section is located on your Blackberry Options screen. For example '1' would be 'About' and 2 would be 'Advanced' on most phones.

    The second number, 1, refers to what position 'Enable / Disable Bluetooth' is located on the Bluetooth Options pages if you hit the menu key. So to get this number go to your Options screen, select Bluetooth then the menu key and note the position from the top that 'Enable Bluetooth' appears in the menu. Got it?

    GPS Config Shortcut
    This shortcut will allow you to jump to the GPS Config page to quickly turn on or off the GPS radio. It is not a toggle but
    it gets you there faster.

    How to Configure the GPS Config Shortcut feature:
    This feature works the same as the Bluetooth Toggle feature above.
    The parameter that needs to be configured also consists of 2 numbers in the following format: n1,n2
    where n1 = the location that 'Advanced' appears on the Blackberry Options screen and
    n2 = the location that 'GPS' appears under that Advanced options.

    Radio Toggle
    Turn your radios on / off

    Supports BBTask Pro app

    Alternate Weather Connection option
    If the weather was not showing up for you in the titlebar try enabling this option in QL Options.

    That's it. Not much this release but more things are in the works. Also working on a total redesign for my website and also a new app by NikkiSoft.
    (don't ask).


    Watch the QuickLaunch 2.0 HD Demo Video

    Current owners who've purchased on or after April 1st: Free
    Current owners who've purchased before April 1st and who do not have version 2.0+ $1.99
    New Customers: $4.99

    QL 2.12 has been submitted to RIM for inclusion in App World but they have a 5 day approval time so customers who have purchased there will have to wait until it's approved. Sorry about that.

    For more information regarding QuickLaunch go to NikkiSoft - makers of QuickLaunch BlackBerry Shortcuts and App Launcher .
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    When is the update for the 8900?
    08-20-09 11:28 PM
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    Thanks cheetah

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    08-21-09 01:05 AM
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    You're welcome.
    there will be another release tomorrow to fix a small font bug and another little thing.
    08-21-09 01:29 AM
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    when are the 83xx phones gonna get some of this love?
    08-21-09 03:09 AM
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    Updates sound great.
    Like the GPS one... I assume 8900 is in the pipeline?

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    08-21-09 03:14 AM
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    Any for the Bold?

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    08-21-09 04:51 AM