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    Twinkler Software is proud to announce the creation of a new category of Blackberry Application - Motivational and Inspirational. Led by the thoughts of TBS, one of our creative thinkers, today we announce the release of our latest app - "Belladonna".

    "Belladonna" is designed to be emotionally uplifting through the use of Motivational and Inspirational quotes the application empowers and inspires by promoting positive thoughts and feelings of well being. "Belladonna" provides these positive messages twice a day with on screen pop-ups accompanied by a musical alert. "Belladonna" also incorporates a Wallpaper Changer that will rotate through a specially selected series of images once a day.

    "Belladonna" is available now FREE as a "pilot release" at all Mobihand Powered stores and is compatible with devices with OS 5.0.

    Desktop Link: Belladonna - Entertainment BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store

    Mobile Link: Superstore
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    no link?......
    04-10-10 02:08 PM
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    Just go to the store and search the app

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    04-10-10 06:08 PM
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    no link?......
    The links have been added...

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    04-10-10 06:13 PM
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    Thanks to all who have downloaded! Remember, this is a "Pilot App" and will be available FREE until May 16th.

    Anyone downloading the FREE "Pilot App" will be entitled to a significant discount on Version 2 when it is released.....

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    04-11-10 09:43 AM
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    So I just got the first alert and it play a song loud. It was embarrassing as I was at work and things were pretty quiet. Any options to turn off the music alert? Otherwise this would be a great app to send to someone as a joke.
    04-16-10 06:05 PM