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    1. Is there a native BB podcast app i have not been able to find any in BB world I would prefer to get one from there before going through Android?

    2. If you use the play store apps how do they get updated? as google does not support BBOS

    3. I can't seem to find a good streaming music app I thought Spotify was available but when i search the BB store no results are returned

    4. Is there either a built in app or a BB app through BB world that will sync my music from iTunes I am going to give the passport 20 days to out do my iPhone 6 plus and so far day 3 its working great love it just some key items that i need for the road as i travel back and forth between the USA, Japan, and the Philippines for my job and i can not be on a 16hr flight with no music or a rigged system. Thanks for any input.....
    01-19-15 10:23 PM
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    Look at Nobex for podcasts, and Slacker Radio for streaming music.

    Use Snap for Google Play access. You can update your android apps with it too.


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    01-19-15 10:39 PM

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