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    A while ago, the red star on the main Messages folder stopped showing up when I received new BBM messages. I still get the indicator icon at the top, but the Messages folder doesn't show a red star to indicate there's a new one. I tried the BBM5 leak, and now the official BBM5 release, but no luck.

    Two days ago, I stopped getting the red star on the Messages folder for Facebook messages that come through. It's getting very annoying.

    I did a wipe of my Bold and it still doesn't work. I don't get the red star on the Messages folder for either BBM or Facebook messages.

    Since I wiped the device and it's still happening, I have absolutely no idea what to do to fix it.

    Any ideas? Very frustrated.

    I'm running the latest AT&T .297 release on an unlocked Rogers Bold. This was also happening to .282 and the first .297 release from AT&T.

    - Matt
    10-09-09 11:30 PM
  2. Floonds's Avatar
    I have same problem, any solutions?
    11-22-09 03:39 PM
  3. slowmono's Avatar
    bump on this post... i can't ever get the red star notification on my messages folder whenever i receive a bbm/facebook/windows live message. it used to appear when i just got the phone but for some strange reason, it stopped and i've wiped the phone 4 times, installed various different OS versions to no avail. Any solutions to this damning problem?
    01-01-10 04:00 AM
  4. wild1berry's Avatar
    I am new to bb and this site, but I think I may be able to help. I have a storm 9530 though so it may be different.

    Anyway, if you go to BBM and go to the menu, then options, there is an option on my phone to show chats in Message Application. I check that and get that star.

    Hope this helps. If not, I tried.
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    01-01-10 05:39 PM
  5. dearMJ's Avatar
    I just switched to a t-mobile bold 9700 and for the first few days, when I received a bbm, the red star would show up on both the bbm app AND the main messages folder as well; but the other day the red star just stopped showing up for the main messages app (still shows for the bbm app). The messages are in there, but its really annoying that the red star just doesn't appear anymore.

    I've tried a soft reset, hard reset (battery pull) and uninstalling/reinstalling of bb5 ( and it just can't seem to get the red star to pop up again. I know the OS well enough to maneuver thru the settings, but this just seems to be a bug within the app.

    If I'm wrong and someone finds a solution, please post!

    01-23-10 06:51 PM
  6. Solar_Yellow's Avatar
    Have you changed your theme recently? I found after I installed a new (user-built) theme, I lost these notifications. I can get them back by moving the icon in the home screen but this is obviously not ideal.

    I haven't found a workaround yet.
    01-29-10 09:26 PM
  7. soporific151's Avatar
    Anybody figure this out? it's really frustrating
    03-05-10 12:01 PM
  8. damnlisa's Avatar
    Hellllo people, i have found the solution for this! i had the same issue and I called my carrier Telus and the helped me out. it was super simple and i felt like a dumass for not knowing
    I own the bold 9700 and I hope this applies to all blackberrys

    Messages > Options > General Options > Display New Message Indicator > change it so it says Yes and save.

    Hope this works for you guys!
    04-28-10 04:08 PM
  9. KennyT's Avatar
    Hi, my wife has the same problem on her 9700 ...


    there isn't the "Display New message Indicator" listed as an option!!!


    05-04-10 06:03 AM
  10. spiderkzn's Avatar
    sorry to back the old issue. that problem cause last night on my BB while i install new OS5. Anybody know how to switch on red dot with star on Message Application?
    09-03-10 05:02 AM
  11. jm412's Avatar
    Same problem here please help its very annoying
    12-28-10 12:47 PM
  12. saubhagyarathi's Avatar
    You first gotta display message count: unread instead of none, then only does the option for the new message indicator show up. Set that to yes, and that MIGHT fix it. Didn't work for me, though. Does moving the icons help? If so, HOW?!
    04-12-12 01:30 AM