1. darkhawk's Avatar
    I know there is so much information on this site I have been reading for a bit now, but i am having some trouble finding some perfect fit apps. There are som many and I am new. A berry virgin, you could say, please dont. I am looking for apps for the pearl 8220 and curve 8520

    I am looking for an app

    1, that gives news feed from sites, you know to keep up on geekologie and the wife wants to for prez hilton, without all the face book and chat and other options a more simple blog news feed one, without all the filler and facebook and chat I can do that with my messenger. On that not I do not know how to use the rss fead but if I find a nice app that will do this Im sure I can figure it out.

    2, an app that will be used for if I am out of town and want to know what is around me for food options for example. Would google maps be best for that one? Or is there one that I show where I am and bingo generates a list a list for food, or shopping like my gps does.

    3, what the best reminder app, one I can set to a daily reminder and tone and all I did not want to use the calendar but a separate app.

    4, does any one use a French translator that they like? One that works off line.

    5, what the best flash light?? I have one that uses the LED light but is there a free one that uses the camera flash? Is there a free app that will change the colour on my track ball on the pearl?

    6, offline apps, is there a nice map that does not use the radio, on that thought what are some of the coolest apps that do not use radio.

    I know it is a lot but please any help on a few would be great, I WILL continue to use the search tool and look around more just wondering. Mainly on the first few questions but I had a few more and wanted to ask

    Thanks for any help
    01-16-10 11:08 PM
  2. Blade_27's Avatar
    If you haven't already you may wanna install the BB App store. From there you'll be able to search for apps tailored to your needs. "Poynt" does sound like something that would come in handy for you & a site you could bookmark is Mobile Sites - Cantoni.mobi which is just a directory of mobile friendly sites.

    Also {& am I sure that theirs an app for this} if you'd like to use your flash as a flashlight find your way into the video camera, if it hasn't been moved yet
    Applications>Video Camera>Menu Button {BB Logo}>Options>Video Light> & select "On"
    01-17-10 03:40 AM
  3. darkhawk's Avatar
    I was looking at the Poynt and it looked like it had too alot on it that was already on the phone but I will give it a closer look.
    and I saw a bunch a flash light apps and the camera light takes the cake, ha.
    I am new to BB and i dont know how i go on so long with out it, so much I can do with this.
    thanks for the help.
    01-17-10 04:54 AM