1. phil1995's Avatar
    In the past when I went to setup my GMAIL account on my storm, I had to give it a bogus account name, so that I could go in and set up the IMAP server settings, otherwise it would automatically use POP3 settings.

    If I delete my account and let the storm set it up with the new app, will it set it up as IMAP or POP3?

    I would rather have the IMAP as it is, than the new app features with POP3.
    08-23-09 05:46 PM
  2. sbank's Avatar
    Just to be safe, go to your gmail preferences and temporarily disable POP3 and verify that IMAP4 is enabled.

    If you can then set it up, you are probably guaranteed to have IMAP.

    just a thought.
    08-23-09 05:50 PM