12-30-07 12:37 PM
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  1. berrysoft's Avatar
    Hello, friends,

    I'm glad to present to you our new product – media player for BlackBerry – xPlayer.First of all we developed this product for ourselves, but now we grant it for you. Our purpose – to make this player the best media player. So, now we need your feedback, comments and suggestions. XPlayer will be completely free, I promise

    Now it supports such features:
    - Playback all supported (hardware supported) file formats;
    - Simple and original user interface;
    - Play, pause, stop playback;
    - Open files and folders within xPlayer;
    - Play list management – store and load play lists;
    - Support background mode;
    - Support repeat feature;
    - Support shuffle feature;
    - Volume control;
    - Play next file, play previous file;

    Main shortcuts:
    Play/Pause – trackball click;
    Stop playing – ESC;
    Volume control – “+” and “-“ on the right side;
    Play next - 'u' 'j' 'm' 'y' 'h' 'b'
    Play previous - 'e' 'd' 'c' 't' 'g' 'v'

    Supported devices: BlackBerry with OS 4.2.x

    Our plans:
    - Support video playback;
    - Support Internet radio;
    - Support themes and more.

    Download link: X-Berry Soft

    Contact us:

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    08-22-07 08:26 AM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    So is this just a music player right now?
    08-22-07 10:05 AM
  3. thirrouard's Avatar
    I will test as soon as I receive my 8800
    08-26-07 02:18 PM
  4. berrysoft's Avatar
    So is this just a music player right now?
    We will implement video playback soon

    08-28-07 05:45 AM
  5. kasperapd's Avatar
    I'll keep my eye out for the video playback then.
    08-28-07 10:36 AM
  6. Pelvir's Avatar
    so i dl'ed and loaded. 2 questions;

    1) i keep getting a message that the xplay app is trying to access my phone logs. whats that about??
    2) when i try and add files from my memory card the browser portion won't see the card. i can play the files in the default player. any thoughts?

    08-29-07 10:02 PM
  7. berrysoft's Avatar
    so i dl'ed and loaded. 2 questions;

    1) i keep getting a message that the xplay app is trying to access my phone logs. whats that about??
    2) when i try and add files from my memory card the browser portion won't see the card. i can play the files in the default player. any thoughts?

    1. It is not a phone logs. xPlayer registers a listener for incoming phone calls, so it handle correctly handle start call, finish call and make pause, resume

    2. I think you should activate your card at first
    09-07-07 01:55 PM
  8. berrysoft's Avatar
    Hello friends,

    And again I represent to you the next update of xPlayer.
    I express greater gratitude for your help in creation and improvement of the xPlayer. Any of your wishes will not pass by us and we shall consider whenever possible each of your remarks, we shall try to fix all issues available you. The your responses and wishes will be more active, the it is more than functionality we shall include in this project.

    New features and fixes in this update:
    - add option “Include subfolder” when open a folder with media files. You can now manage this parameter in application Settings (select Settings from main menu);
    - full screen video playback support;
    - fix issue with shuffle. Now shuffle mode is applied to “Next” command;
    - implement new navigation scheme. If cursor on the current played file, pause will be selected, if cursor on the other file playback of selected file will be selected;
    - add option duplicate files in playlist. You can change this option in application Settings;
    - shortcuts help is added;
    - mute is supported now. Shortcut – ‘m’;
    - Phone button goes application to background without pause (for audio files only);
    - Support additional file formats: wma, mp4;
    - 8700 device (OS 4.2) now supported (navigation, shortcuts, change volume etc).

    For more information visit our site

    Download: x-berrysoft.com
    OTA: wap.x-berrysoft.com

    Our roadmap for next updates:
    - Support META information;
    - Support themes;
    - Multiselect files option supports

    Waiting for your active feedback!
    X-Berry Soft
    09-07-07 01:59 PM
  9. kajoiner's Avatar
    I have installed the software. I will be testing it on a business trip later this week.

    Is there a way to have it recognize the media information? The thing I hate most about the preloaded software is the inability to sort and group songs like most MP3 players will.
    09-11-07 11:23 AM
  10. berrysoft's Avatar
    Yes, we will implement ID3 tags informtaion soon
    09-11-07 01:15 PM
  11. berrysoft's Avatar
    Update again!

    Step by step we’re going together to make the best media player for BlackBerry.
    Thanks again for your active feedback.

    In this update:

    - Supported video formats mp4, 3gp;
    - Themes is supported, new themes will be available on our website soon;
    - Load many playlists at one time (use SPACE to multi select);
    - Fixed issue with file extensions (upper case);
    - Fixed issue mute then select “next”;
    - Page Scroll B-bottom, T-top;

    xFile updates:
    - Optimized method for loading files (level 1);
    - Files multi selection is supported now (use SPACE to mark file selected);
    - Page Scroll (Up –LEFT, Right – DOWN)
    - Help is added

    Downloads: x-berrysoft.com
    OTA: wap.x-berrysoft.com

    Keep in touch with us!
    09-14-07 04:25 PM
  12. tonyyvnn's Avatar
    Thanks for the freebie since I am a smuck
    How do i load it on my berry
    09-16-07 07:43 PM
  13. berrysoft's Avatar
    Thanks for the freebie since I am a smuck
    How do i load it on my berry
    You can install via Desktop Manager or OTA using OTA link
    09-17-07 05:57 AM
  14. kajoiner's Avatar
    Ok, I tested it for 3 hours each way on the plane. I will be very happy when you start using the information tags. With 400 songs on the card, I had no way of really playing in any kind of order except the way they loaded.

    I found that when you try to pause a song, it will start playing the first song you started playing unless you highlight the song currently playing before pressing pause. You will need to have the highlighting following the current song playing.

    For skipping to the next song, can you pick a button in addition to "n"? I had to hunt for it each time, but was able to find the "p" fine.

    Also, can the volume up and down work while in the holster? To increase or decrease the volume I had to remove the phone each time.

    The overall experience however was good. There are several improvements that are needed, but I still like it better than the one that comes with the device.

    Can't wait for the next version. I am traveling from coast to coast next month, so let me know when the next version is done and I will give it a whirl.

    09-18-07 08:46 PM
  15. leelee74's Avatar
    i like that it played while you calling people and their phone is ringing
    09-25-07 10:46 PM
  16. kjparfekt#CB's Avatar
    i haven't tried it yet, but my big question or potentially a request, is will it work with the motorola S9 bluetooth headset controls. I have no idea how the controls interact with the current media player but if you can make them work with your program you'll have me as a devoted user and i bet a great marketing strategy for all gym goers that want to have music and not miss important calls and emails. the controls currently skip forward and backwards on tracks, pause, mute, make calls and set the volume up and down.
    09-28-07 10:02 PM
  17. mscooley's Avatar
    i downloaded, but couldn't browse to my card only the user profile. help?
    09-28-07 10:37 PM
  18. thebear8me's Avatar
    I downloaded and am not able to get the video to work. Only get sound. I am playing a .3gp file. I have a verizon 8830.

    Any ideas?
    10-02-07 07:37 AM
  19. kjparfekt#CB's Avatar
    Any answers for the last three posts from the developers? Definitely interested in trying this out.
    10-02-07 03:27 PM
  20. peterwu's Avatar
    this xplay works like a charm! Have it installed in 2 minute, play fullscreen, even play the music thru my bluetooth ear piece, this is just wondferful. so much function from this little app, thank you for writing this program. now tell me where is your donation page, i'll be set
    10-17-07 11:00 PM
  21. peterwu's Avatar
    i think this page will help alot in regard to media type.

    blackberry. com/btsc/articles/216/KB05419_f.SAL_Public. html

    where i find this following info very useful, and xilisoft 3gp converter will get the format ratio right.

    Optimal Settings for BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone
    Video Settings

    Video format: MPEG-4

    Video file extension: .AVI

    Resolution (4:3): 240x180

    Resolution (16:9): 240x135

    Video bitrate: 400 kbps

    Frames per second: 24
    Audio Settings
    Audio format: MP3

    Audio bitrate: 128 kbps

    Sample rate: 44 khz

    Channels: 2 (Stereo)
    10-17-07 11:06 PM
  22. OldSalt's Avatar
    I like this one better than another I tried. But the main feature I want is to play audio when paired with Bluetooth headphones. I read somewhere that said x-Player did this, but mine does not. Have I missed something? If not this would be a great feature.
    10-31-07 01:52 AM
  23. Palmsup's Avatar
    Are there any plans to allow mono play through a Bluetooth headset, so we don't have to switch between stereo headphones and our normal phone headset? Or is this a BB hardware limitation?

    I have a Curve and mainly use my Ipod to listen to podcasts. If I could listen to them on my Curve, I would retire my Ipod to a drawer!
    11-20-07 11:49 AM
  24. GeneralMayhem's Avatar
    I'm very happy with this player so far. Any new features planned?
    11-21-07 02:11 PM
  25. dyu's Avatar
    I just downloaded it and tried it. The full screen video is really cool. However I think a fast forward/reverse control would be really nice. The implementation in the native BB media player isn't bad, it just wasn't granular enough which drove me crazy. If you had some sort of sliding scale with another button that does a 10 sec skip forward would be good.
    11-21-07 04:39 PM
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