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    Okay, so it isn't exactly new, but I downloaded it a few weeks back and I believe it is the latest version. I read some releases and feedback before downloading the damn thing, and people were complaining that when they got a notification for Facebook, it wouldn't post the shortcut to it in the dropdown menu (on a Torch 9810), instead you had to go into the app and into your Notifications tab to actually read and clear your notifications. Upon downloading, its true...hehe. My notifications wouldn't appear in my taskbar (where your calendar dates and what not appear when you click the bar). I ended up deleting the app because it was a total pain in the (I'm lazy I guess ) Has anyone been told of a fix or was this done on purpose? I'm kinda hesitant to download the thing again and have the same problem. Hopefully if there is a fix it comes out soon.
    05-05-12 05:14 PM