09-19-08 07:46 AM
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  1. laurent08's Avatar
    it does ... i see the RSS logo become orange only on certaiin sites! will enter those in viigo.
    09-15-08 08:32 AM
  2. nothin2seehere's Avatar
    i had viigo but it kept showing me duplicates of everything. any ideas on how i can fix this. i havent downloaded the new version yet. i did enjoy viigo except for the duplicates
    If you've previously used the Beta and gone back to V2.x, Viigo might look slightly odd, especially the weather information.

    If it's still an issue - perhaps after uninstalling it reinstalling, and making a new account - report it through the Options menu.
    09-15-08 08:38 AM
  3. bodisaffa's Avatar
    it does ... i see the RSS logo become orange only on certaiin sites! will enter those in viigo.
    I do things the longer (but I think slightly more reliable way) go to the sites on your PC copy the link into an email, do this in one email with all the RSS feeds you want and copy and paste them into BB

    As above poster said report any issues via the options setting
    09-15-08 08:46 AM
  4. olaf_d's Avatar
    I use the unbranded viigo and it works really well. Maybe try that and then if you want the cb version install over the old one.

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    09-15-08 02:59 PM
  5. ago316's Avatar
    Great App. Added feeds for Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CNN, and TSN.
    09-15-08 04:21 PM
  6. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I originally installed the CB viigo before the tango public betas. I installed beta 2 and now beta 3. The news on the CB edition came after I updated. Since I haven't really noticed anything special I'm curious as to what exactly are the differences between the standard tango and the CB tango?

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    09-16-08 06:06 AM
  7. mlevergood's Avatar
    is anyone having huge memory draws from this app? I noticed they "say" they've improved the memory draw, but between V2 and V3...V3 seems to pull more memory even though I have limited my feeds, channels and have set the settings to clear cache and not run in background...

    09-18-08 04:05 AM
  8. bodisaffa's Avatar
    Def increase in mem loss when on this app but nothing drastic for me
    09-18-08 04:59 AM
  9. laurent08's Avatar
    Ive actually just removed it ...

    I hardly used it, just habit of going on browser to check news ...

    My mem has gone up by 10MB ...
    09-18-08 05:09 AM
  10. bodisaffa's Avatar
    10 mb's is a LOT!! maybe worth people uninstalling then reinstalling to see exactly how much mem it's eating
    09-18-08 05:12 AM
  11. scotness's Avatar
    Its awsome program I use everyday

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    09-18-08 05:43 AM
  12. Raptor007's Avatar
    When the Bold comes out next month I will get Viigo again, I want the room to store the data unless of course Viigo still will not put the data on the Storage Card or use the new 1GB of Internal Storage the Bold offers.
    09-18-08 12:08 PM
  13. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I've seen not difference I memory behavior using tango and I'm also using OS. My memory has always gone down at least 10 MB over the course of a week. Now if I let the articles pile up I will notice more space get used up but I try to keep up on it so total articles is less than 500. Though I set it to allow the max amount. And with the newest public beta images are working so much better most load faster and I get maybe 1 out of 100 don't load.

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    09-19-08 07:46 AM
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