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    Hi all. Thanks for all your hard work and diligent interest in Blackberries. This site (and the community that fuels it) is a great resource to thousands of people and I for one appreciate it very much.

    This is my first post as I just bought my Blackberry Curve 8330 from Boost Mobile yesterday. I suppose the purpose of this thread would be to inquire the question: What should I do with my Blackberry now?

    I have read and read about all kinds of different apps from memory managers and productivity apps to browsers and GPS apps but after reading for some time they all just blend together. I would like to get my BB fitted with the "best of the best" of the app world for all major functions that the BB does but would REALLY like a concise list of these.

    So long story short, if you could please advise me on the best apps for Email management, memory management (or whatever to squeeze the most speed out of my 8330), financial management, social media, chats, video, pictures, productivity, GPS (preferably turn-by-turn voice direction) and any other tweaks or tasks that I should do to really make the maximum use out of this phone, I would be very grateful.

    I know I'm asking a lot but hopefully others will see this thread and make good use out of the communities invaluable knowledge as well.

    Thanks again,

    Niall M.
    06-17-10 01:08 PM
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    Try different apps, I've tested and tried probably hundreds of apps before I found what works for me. Everyone's opinion in what makes an app "good" is different. If they are in App World, or Mobihand's Superstore they have been tested so they will not brick your device. (At least they shouldn't)
    06-17-10 02:51 PM
  3. johnjacobjingle's Avatar
    Download opera mini its 10x faster than the standard browser and Pandora for music listening.
    06-17-10 03:13 PM
  4. jwebste9's Avatar
    i use the email Wizard in the phone and connect my school and gmail account which never gives me a problem. and i have quickpull which you can set on a schedule which is nice, and smartBBattery.

    also task manager is nice too
    06-17-10 03:22 PM
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    Thanks guys for your quick response!

    fratts, I have never heard of Mobihand, I will have to check it out... Just did, looks good!!

    johnjacob, I have heard a lot of good things about opera and love pandora on my PC...

    jweb, is there not a better email app besides the one already installed? Smart BBattery was also on my list of apps to consider. What is taskmanager? Is that a standard blackberry app?

    Thanks again for the quick feedback guys!
    06-17-10 04:04 PM
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    Well I would have hoped for a bit more advice from 77 views.. Oh well..
    06-18-10 11:44 AM
  7. ekz13's Avatar
    the native mail app handles email great (all the accounts dumped in one box, or seperate, your choice)

    google maps is pretty nice, but I don't think it'll do turn by turn (I use my sprint nav)

    you mail or google voice for voicemail transcriptions is good

    weatherbug, weathereye, etc for weather apps (or berryweather which costs)

    themes to customize the way YOU want your bb to look and function

    batteryex is a good prog for % management if you need/want that (free)

    oh and pandora of course
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    06-18-10 01:01 PM
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    First place to look for tips and basics may be BB 101 in the help forums. After that there is lots of good advice in the thread already.

    Much of what makes the BB experience is personalizing the device. Took me a few months to get stable. Don't rush. There is much to learn and enjoy.

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    06-18-10 04:25 PM
  9. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Keep in mind that the 8330 only has 96 MB memory, and quite of bit is used by the operating system. You won't be able to install a large number of apps on that device. You will have to decide what you really want. At some point, you also might want to shrink the OS to allow more app memory.
    06-18-10 07:15 PM