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    Sooo I just got my new Blackberry Bold earlier this week and I LOVE IT!!!!! I want to get the best out of my new blackberry. I've gone from the bold 9000, to the torch 1, and now this beautiful thing. But I never really felt like I got the most out of my blackberrys. So my question is, how can I get the most out of my blackberry 9900 and what apps should be on there? I currently have:
    -The wather channel
    -AP news (anything better?)
    -Google maps (anything better than this also?)
    -and twitter

    Also what do the apps that you mention do?
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    I would get a battery app like Battery Watcher or Meterberry. Score Mobile for sports. And a DEFINITE is QUICK LAUNCH...it is a compiled quick loading tool with one touch.

    12-11-11 02:21 PM
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    make sure u take advantage of the free premium apps: Shazam, Tune-In Radio, Photo Editor Ultimate, Vlingo

    They're only free until Dec 31st.

    My must-have apps:

    -Blackberry Protect - setup backups of your contact, emails, and if lose your Blackberry use the GPS to locate it
    -Telenav -100x better than Google Maps. Its $10/yr but worth it. You get voice turn-by-turn directions
    -BeWeather - the best free weather app
    -Pandora - stream music
    -Screen Grabber - take screenshots on your berry
    -BeamExplorer - unzip and zip files
    -Blackberry Travel - creates your itenerary, flight info, places to eat
    -Blackberry News - manage RSS feeds
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    Google Popup is a must have for .99 and if you travel a lot, Blackberry travel is a decent replacement for Worldmate.
    12-11-11 05:30 PM
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    How come telenav, blackberry news and travel still aren't available for me in Belgium?
    12-11-11 06:21 PM
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    How come telenav, blackberry news and travel still aren't available for me in Belgium?
    Because they are still "location" based services, meaning only Major cities have it for now.
    12-12-11 03:24 AM
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    These suggestions have also helped me. Thanks for all the replies.
    12-12-11 07:40 AM
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    I have read some information about Google Popup, But I don't know many about it.
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    Most useful apps:
    FACELOCK (TO stop accidentally touching screen buttons While on Call)
    Documents to Go
    (came with my phone but VERY useful for opening every kind of doc)
    SugarSync app (5 gig on the cloud for free...had to do it)
    ExtraKeys (for three extra external app launch keys)
    Quickpull (for those frequent battery pulls without pulling the battery)
    Scanlife (for scanning most any barcode)
    Garmin mobile ('cause I need turn by turn directions)
    Fixmo tools (I use the wifi connection to PC most but has many utilities)
    slide Lock (stops accidental dialing on my blackberry touch screen)
    Advanced OS and led (I like the color LED options)
    BeWeather or Berry Weather (I like a pretty weather display -- works in conjunction with the Quickweather app
    iNEW7 theme (better looking and faster than stock os 7 theme)
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