1. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    Can anyone help? I am brand new to the BB thing and I want to install and App on my phone I can't figure out how. Do I need to log in to CB on my phones brower and download the app? Can someone let me know? Thanks
    03-20-09 12:31 PM
  2. username0022's Avatar
    What's the app? And from what website are you trying to download it? There are two ways to download and install an app: 1) Downloading the app to your computer and installing via DM or 2) OTA downloads (over the air), where you use your BB browser and download via a website.
    03-20-09 12:39 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    Yeah depends what type of file it is.

    .alx + .cod is desktop install, .jar or .jad is over the air install.
    03-20-09 12:40 PM
  4. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    I would like to be able to do it via my computer. I already downloaded the screenlock app, but I can't figure out how to install it
    03-20-09 12:41 PM
  5. Tremortality's Avatar
    It depends on the type of app. If its an OTA app I usually just email the link after I have rt clicked copy link to my phone from my home email. When it hits the phone I just click download..

    Lecture 9: How To Install and Manage Third Party Software Applications On Your BlackBerry | CrackBerry.com

    This will tell you all you need to know
    03-20-09 12:41 PM
  6. thegoodDr.'s Avatar
    What app do you want to install? Most have a link you can go to using you BB browswer.

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    03-20-09 12:42 PM
  7. username0022's Avatar
    You have to run the installed app on your computer, then plug in your BB and install via Desktop Manager.
    03-20-09 12:42 PM
  8. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    I installed the app, the ran the desktop manager and it says there is no file recoginized
    03-20-09 12:50 PM
  9. username0022's Avatar
    You clicked on "Application Loader" right?
    03-20-09 12:52 PM
  10. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    yeah, still going through this little leason here. I will be glad once I get the hang of this
    03-20-09 12:54 PM
  11. username0022's Avatar
    IMO, intalling apps via DM stinks. I steer clear of installing apps via DM. I always search for the OTA version. Much simpler.
    03-20-09 12:56 PM
  12. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    I downloaded to my desk top. the file is there. I am running the desktop manager and I click browse. I click the file and it is not loading it.
    03-20-09 12:57 PM
  13. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    I'll try that. What a pain
    03-20-09 12:59 PM
  14. username0022's Avatar
    Is the app you downloaded for the Storm? There may be multiple versions of the same app, but for different devices. That may be the problem.
    03-20-09 01:00 PM
  15. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    it says "no additional applications designed for your device were found"
    03-20-09 01:00 PM
  16. username0022's Avatar
    The app may not be the version required for the Storm.
    03-20-09 01:06 PM
  17. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    I must be a complete ******. I changed the file name to a .cod, .asx and asi. DM would not recoginize it at all and I am to dumb to navigate using the BB browser. I can open the browser but it is way to slow. Anyone have any other ideas? I really want this app. It is the one that locks the face during a phone call. HELLLLPPPPPP!!!! It is in the blackberry storm forum.
    03-20-09 01:44 PM
  18. CRAZYORDY's Avatar
    Figured it out.
    03-20-09 02:00 PM